Any Special Talent Awakenings ?

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  1. When I'm stoned, I am really good at drawing and I SUCK at drawing. Yesterday, I got blazed with one of my friends and felt like drawing a cute teddy bear on my folder. My hands were steady..I felt like they weren't mines, the concentration I had was foreign to me.It was like that Draw and guess the picture game. 
    I had no idea my friend was watching me this whole time and he said to me "G, what made you into such an artist." I looked at him and said "what do you mean". He pointed at my folder and instead of drawing a cute teddy bear I ended up drawing a tiger coming out of a waterfall. I how impressed myself and I didn't even notice what I drew yet I was drawing it. Thanks to my friend distracting me, I tried to carry on and finish it but I didn't have those hands or concentration to continue. Instead, I got the munchies and wanted to finish a plate of nachos  :yummy:
    Are you better at anything when you are stoned ?

  2. I cured cancer once...but I need some paper to roll with aaaaannnd I mean, sorry guys.
  3. i can dance and develop a rhythm when i get really high... at least it feels like i get rhythm, maybe i just notice others less.
  4. I don't really notice almost any difference between doing activities stoned and doing them sober, other than feeling high. For the most part I think it's a placebo effect, and based more around the fact that people feel better so they feel they are doing things better. In my personal experience I find that people who say they do "xyz" better when their high are just biased based on how they feel. A majority of the time(especially if you get them REALLY stoned) when people make such claims, I tend to see a decrease in skill/quality.

    I don't doubt that marijuana might make you more creative, but I would have a hard time believing that your technique would improve simply by smoking.
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    I get this ability to eat everything in my house and still be hungry.

    And I get really good at racing videogames when high. I get in the zone.

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  6. My technique for playing instruments doesn't get better. But my ability to discern notes in songs, to improvise music, and to really lock in the groove are all improved when im high.
    Those are all things that (for me) require being fully immersed in your music at hand. So I think cannabis helps me feel one with the music therefore making it a bit easier to play, but I don't really play noticeably better.
    Its... Easier I guess, but not better.

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