Any soul coughing fans?

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  1. I've always thought they were one of the best groups to listen to high. Trippy lyrics, catchy, unique beats. Any other fans on here?
  2. i love Ruby Vroom
  3. hell yeah i love soul coughing though my favorite stone d band is prolly ween
  4. Never really listened to em, but this old hippie I know had me burn a looped CD of 'Circles' for his dog.

    That was an interesting request.
  5. I love the song 'Circles', I only learned about Soul Coughing from an interview in a magazine with Jimmie's Chicken Shack. Not to thread jack, but has anyone heard of them? I love the CD 'Bring Your Own Stereo" I think it was.
  6. good choices. here's some others; (my favorite)

    The lead singer, Mike Doughty has a solo career now, he plays lots of small clubs and some bigger venues.. I saw him last december at a tiny bar and was right on the stage. He took shout requests from the audience and played lots of original soul coughing songs.. good shit. Mexicali Rose in teaneck, NJ
  7. I saw them down at Cedarfest back like '95 or '96 when Ruby Vroom was out. They put on a great show, and I think most of the audience was blazed. They were unique compared to a lot of the grunge stuff that was out at the time.

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