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  1. So i'm looking to turn what i have into a sog style
    everything is to scale.
    2x4x7 grow tent w/ 165cfm 4" inline fan and 400w hps, with 6"x6" pots
    2x2x4 grow tent w/ pc fan, cfls, 2 mothers, 3"x3" pots


    anyone have any idea about yield i'll get?
    i realize its strain dependant but i'm thinking something like critical + @ 32 plants, i'm hoping for 0.75-1oz per plant, is this possible??

    obviously this is perpetual, let the moms grow out, and take 32 clones in time to cut/root a week and then send right into 12/12 in the big tent when it harvests, and repeat.
  2. Same thing I am doing but lst. Planing to sog. Not useing mothers just from seed. I am not sure how much you can get per clone. maybe a OZ hard to tell, pick a good strain then maybe ya.
  3. i'm going to do my best to get my hands on a good pheno critical+
    and make a mother out of that. and keep headband as my second.

    all in all if i can get 0.75-1oz per plant i'm in great great shape.
    looking at ~$30/month in energy.

    pretty good
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but, aren't SoG guidelines 1 plant per square foot? If so, that mean you'd have 8 plants in the 2x4x7 tent.

    Very very nice diagram though, I like it :)
    If you end up doing this grow, post the journal link.
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    I SOG/LST in a space slightly larger and a 400w and start with 16-1 gal through veg and once I know who is female, I cut down to the best 9.
    (actually I start 30ish seeds and pot the top 16 to 1gal)
    yield is typically an ounce+ per plant. (but I practice a lot)

    So i doubt you can do 32 plants very efficiently all the way through harvest.
  6. i always thought SOG was 4 per sq foot?

    i dont plan on LSTing, i plan on just getting 32 colas.. trimming lower/side branches etc.
  7. 4 plants per sq foot is to veg, 1 per sq ft is flower.
  8. but there is no veg... its straight to 12/12 after rooting?
    still wouldnt work??

    i wish there was a sticky on this.
  9. Well, from what I've read online it said 1 square foot per plant allows the cola to grow to a nice size since you're pretty much lollipopping the plant. :eek:

    But I mean, I could be wrong though..I'm not a crazy expert on SoG growing, just trying to help :)
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    again, i always thought that lollipopping a plant meant you are cutting the lower parts that wont get the light and the buds grow on the top 2/3's of the plant, allowing for tight spaces ie 4/sqft?


    edit: did some googling; if you veg your clones for a few weeks its 1 per sq foot. if you go flower as soon as the clone is rooted, then its 4/sq ft.

  11. Oh, good to know then. I wasn't completely sure. :smoke:
  12. i have some clone questions.

    how long does it take for a clone to grow enough of a root system to transplant out of a 3x3" pot to the bigger 6"x6" pot?

    brb high and reading.

  13. Usually two weeks, sometimes a little sooner. I think it best to give them at least 2 to 3 weeks so they grow a nice root system.
  14. cool yeah found out a good 7-14 days is usually enough. in a true sog sometimes only 7-10.
    thanks for the answers.

    now i wanna know how much a "rooted" clone straight to 12/12 will yield.
    i realize its strain dependant, so genetically critical + is known to be a yielder.
    i'll be lollipopping them.
  15. I'd say maybe an ounce each?:rolleyes: if not a little less than an ounce:)
  16. sog and autoflowering are basically the same you can expect the yield of an a/f plant the principles of a/f is that the plant flowers according to height which is what sog growers usually do i suggest you wait until the plants are 1ft tall before flower you can always stagger the cloning 10 one week 10 the next
  17. an ounce a cola? not a chance. under a 400w, never.
  18. i saw someone elses grow and they got 15g~ per cola under a 250w.
    so i'm hoping for 0.75-1oz per cola.
    i wont get 1oz but i'm hoping a cool 21g per cola with a yielder strain and pheno.
  19. If the strain is a nice yielder, I don't see why that wouldn't be a reasonable goal.
  20. main reason grows dont yield like they could is the tops shade the lower bud sites if you add cfl lighting to the sides the whole branch will bud and yield will be increased

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