Any Software Engineers?

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by KushBurner420, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Im an IS major in my junior year looking to be a systems analyst/project manager. I also want to learn Software Engineering and know that though I can do this, I will be lack the necessary skills compared to a CS major.

    What languages/skills should I learn for software engineering(both apps and systems software)?
  2. It wont help you. Software engineering is way to abstract for someone that isn't already experienced with programming. I took it and it was a waste of time. Take a C or C++ class, Data Structures and Algorithms, and Software Architecture (if they offer it)
  3. Honestly I think self-teaching is better for programming, so I can't weigh in on anything regarding classes to take, I'd take artificial intelligence classes, security, etc. But thats what interests me.

    I'd recommend C or C++, I don't like Java but there are plenty of job openings for it. Don't worry about not being as skilled as CS majors, I'm in my freshman year of college and still unsure about my major, yet I'm better versed in programming and IT knowledge than alot of current students and graduates, self teaching will help you alot, and teach you things a class cannot.

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