Any smokers in Balto, MD

Discussion in 'General' started by Blueberry19, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Looking for some smokers to chill with the baltimore/towson area
    getting kinda bored this summer...
  2. I'm closer to DC. If you head to college park theres always people smokin there
  3. hey man im near balto. actually closer to annapolis but very close.

  4. im all the way the hell out in bum fuck glen burnie.
  5. lots of marylanders on this forum.
    im in crownsville. kind of in the middle of it all. down the road from both annapolis and glen burnie. and about equal distance between dc and baltimore.
  6. I live in Hunt Valley, which isn't too far from Towson. What high school did you go to?
  7. i live in south baltimore:smoking:
  8. Randallstown High
    but i'm in towson alot for work and rec
  9. I hear there's good bud in hunts valley
  10. howard county right. its like 15 minutes away from baltimore. theres been some really tight concerts lately i suggest you go see slightly stoopid the 24 i think at pier six in baltimore. gonna be so many people blazin itd be cool to meet ppl there. im bout to wave my GC flag at the pier if i see you up there
  11. do people actuall say balto? No one here says frisco.
  12. i dunno about the herb in hunt valley, but the coke is on point :yummy:

    << Pikesville
  13. 2 days ago i moved to georgia from my hometown of timonium.. small world.. or small forum
  14. Good if you know the right people. Otherwise you'll be stuck getting mids.
  15. More like Bmore. Im in between dc and bmore for right now. im all over though
  16. Not trying to hijack but anyone no where to get some hi quality smokables in this area. im talking good shit

  17. stuck in between baltomore and fredrick ... other wise known as woodbine and about 10 min away from mt airy and im right by i-70... its basically my backyard.

    o btw im in howard couty... one of the top 10 richest counties in the us hehe
  18. I live in Northern Baltimore county, but my new appartment will be in catonsivlle, near UMBC and the city.

    I get some pretty nice headies and good deals on mids where I am.
  19. No one says balto.

    I live in the annpolis/ bay area.

    and fuck college park.
  20. Close to Bmore and always down to clown.

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