Any skilled auto growers want to start a youtube channel?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Spanish@rcher, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Right troops I've just been on youtube. Flicking about various videos where people are claiming to be able to grow 1lb autos. They've all got fuckin thousands of views. Some of them hundreds of thousands and most of them are clearly nowhere near a pound !!


    It got me thinking...

    I can grow actual 1lb autos.
    Must be a fair few folk on here that can say the same so how about we put our heads together.
    Do some brainstorming.
    Start a youtube channel and see if we can make some mo.... I mean "get some views"

    1 guy pulling auto pounders is impressive but a dozen guys on the same channel pulling auto pounders in loads of different methods.
    Each grower providing detailed instructions on how theyre doing it via "vlog" would be something that hasn't been done yet.

    I'm currently waiting on a house inspection from the council as part of a "stock audit" which will be somewhere between now and 21/12 which includes a look at my attic

    After that, barring any unexpecteds, I'm entering full on beast mode until next October.

    Soon as the twats have been in I'm gonna floor the rest of my attic and split it into veg/bloom areas. Got 1000w (actual w) leds for veg and 1200w hps for bloom. Aswell as a separate cloning area armed with 3x 130w big bulb CFL reflectors in 14K and an aerocloner.

    At roughly the start of February, once snow season is ending, I'm going to start a few auto ultimates and try to beat mr ganjamotos 1kg beast in an NFT reservoir.
    And I'd like to invite anyone that can pull a pounder to co-host the channel.

    Are there any auto abusers that would like to be involved In my project?

    Only qualification is you must have a documented 1lb auto.

    Here's mine Auto Ultimate autoflower seeds grown under HPS and LED grow lights in hydroponics.

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  2. I'm pretty sure anything to do with cannabis on YouTube is not monetised so you can't make any money from it

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