any skaterboarders on here??

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by shredandsmoke52, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. hit me up if you are.
  2. well im a begginer skateborder but i can shred like nobody on a snowboard.
  3. word.

    skate and snowboard.
  4. ive never tried snowboarding but that shit looks fun.
  5. yeah bro i skate
  6. hell yea. im trying to get a little video together cause my friend has a camera.
  7. yeah i skate, not so much now but i used to :) got a Lords Of Dogtown board :cool:
  8. I've got a Chuck Barfoot 65" Cruiser Longboard and a 9' custom made Surf Board.

    I love to street surf... And water surf. :D

    I'm high! lol
  9. hell ya!!!
    i skate a little but i love longboarding. i got a loaded vanguard:metal:
  10. i used to skate everyday back when i was 12-14ish. quit and literally just found my board yesterday..

    enjoi deck, royal trucks, bones wheels. decent setup..

    funny thing is. i can still kickflip:hello:. i wouldn't mind starting back up again.
  11. I skated throughout high school and a little into college, but I've stopped since then.

    Had a decent camera and a legit baby death lens to make videos with my friends. Three of us had cameras, so we always filmed. None of us were insane, just your basic tricks down five steps. I used to be able to 50-50 a pretty big ledge going down a lazy staircase. I wish I knew where those tapes are...I'd put 'em on YouTube.

    If I stepped on my skateboard today, I could still nollie shove-it and probably bust a varial kickflip within ten minutes. I never got the tre flip down...
  12. i skate hard... i have a luke nose walker sector 9 longboard as well. its one of the longest sector 9 boards they make :) and enjoy doing all of this high :)
  13. yeah the nose walker is a hellofa long board, can you dance well on it? Props to the loaded vanguard, Ive got a dervish and am gung ho longboarding. DH, long distance trekking/pumping, hard carving, some sliding. I do it all and got 4 boards, one for every discipline lol. Tricks? I cant ollie, but I can bomb at 40mph, throw a sick coleman slide (or throw a foot brake) to slow down and continue into a leaning right hairpin turn.
  14. HELLLLL ya shredders gettin organized!!! i can ride my board, and f/s flip occasionally [​IMG]
  15. I just got a long board last year, I love it! I have a sector9 uluwatu
  16. I don't skate as much as I used to.

    Right now my setup is a Plan B Colin Mckay, Independent Trucks, Zero wheels and bearings.

    Back when I did skate alot, I bought blanks in bulk because I broke a deck about every week.
  17. I push my wood on the daily
  18. yeah ive been skatboardin for 8 years now. any nj heads that skate in here probly know of me
  19. been skating like....12 years maybe? now a days i just bomb hills its insane me and my friends hit over 40 mph. my friend actually fell like a week ago cuz a car came when we were tkaing a turn going like 25 andje lost control dodging it and basically flew, head first slide into curb. horrible road rash and 5 staples in his head.

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