Any skateboarder/weedsmokers here?

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokey, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. My favourite time to smoke is when im with all my homies on a little skate trip. We allways drive about 2-3 hours out of the city to quiet skateparks and blaze the whole time. We actually skate alot better after we've had a big smoke up. Not all the time but it gives ya more style when ya skatin bowls i rekn.

    Any other skateboarders here?
  2. I used to skate alot, but then i stopped cause i lost alot of freetime.

    However, lately ive been getting back into it, even though im nowhere near as good as i used to be. I just love the freedom of it, and toking + bowl session = a very good time. :rolleyes:
  3. nope, I did used to rollerblade though, t'was the shit.
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    ...fruit booter. lol jk.

    Yeah i skate :p, just moved here so not a lot lately, but i got two skateparks in this city so im starting to more often.

    Ive been skatin since i was like 8 though.

    My flatland is sick
  5. Yeah I skate, only skated blazed a few times and was way better, funny that you find that aswell.

    I used to skate with these guys who would blast 2 cones, go to the skate park, skate for an hour then go home and blast 2 cones again, then would be back at the skate for another hour. This cycle would go on all day and happened nearly everyday of the week. What a life style!!

    I have to add that everytime they would return from blazin there skating would be elite, near the end of the hour it would die down a little though, I guess weed was like skate fuel for them :hello:
  6. Yeah i love a good smoke/skate. I haven't gone skating in a couple of weeks, because of shitty winter, but that'll change soon enough.
  7. I used to skate all the time. And then I got into longboards, then I had to sell them all. Wanna get back in it though. Skateboarding and bicycling are the only two(oh and basketball) things that will make me get off my ass and actually exercise.
  8. I used to push my wood on occasion.

    but I stopped because I moved to an area (all dirt + no car to go anywhere) where it wasn't feasible, and just eventually stopped completely
  9. I've been skating for about 5 years now, I broke my knee in march of 08 and haven't been good ever since :( Got back on the board for the first time this year the other day after a nice bowl to myself. Lets just say it was a good day. Just cruising around. Skateboarding and mary jane were meant for each other :wave::smoke:

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