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  1. I was wondering i saw a video on the internet about maki na homeade vaporizer out of a light bulb and a few other things but what i am askin is , do you think thier is any side effect to heatin up the light bulb ( thier is no white filiment on the inside) and takin the smoke in... it works great look for it at such a crazy site
  2. you might get stoned :smoking: haha but other than that i dont think there is any other side effect
  3. if possible find some of these at your local shitty gas station

    works like a mini bulb one once cleaned

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  4. Well, I wouldn't use one of those soft white bulbs with the powder on the inside, but other than that it should be OK.

    Do-it-yourself christmas ornament kits have empty bulbs as well. I've seen then at craft stores.
  5. Where the hell is your local gas station?
  6. dude i used a light bulb vap friday night i use em all the time and lets put it this way they are SICK dude u start tripping balls using that fucker especially if u take big my friend who has been smoking a lot longer than me used it for the first time last night took like half the size hit that i take and like go reallly fucked up like he couldnt smoke anymore after that haha it was crazy shit so i just finished things up for him heh (a full bowl out of a pipe and the rest of the vap) :smoke:

  7. ya dude wtf ....i donno im high right now so maybe thats why this isnt making sense o well....gonna go spark another J :smoking: peace:wave:

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