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  1. So after a month of not smoking, I recently went down to the MEPs (Military Entrance Processing) and enlisted in the army as an 11B. It sucks that I won't be able to smoke for a looong time, but I can wait. Any other service members on here?

  2. Hooah! Soldier, I was former Army and also 11 Bravo, I was down at Ft. Benning chances are if you enlisted for Infantry you are probably or will likely at one point end up there. Biggest thing that sucks down there besides the heat throughout the summer it's theres no damn women and when you do get leave and you head into Atlanta for a weekend you gotta know that Atlanta has the highest rate of AIDS in Women in the United States so wrap it up or you'll be finding yourself in a hospital faster than you would if you went over seas and fought. And smoking weed is the last thing on your mind when you are training or in battle it's about being the best, becoming the best and watching yours as well as the men and women beside you as soon they will be the closest thing you got to family.
  3. Former 11C.

    Hit me up on MSN if you'd ever like to chat
  4. Thanks guys for the support. I'll be shipping off to Benning for OSUT and who knows after that.
  5. have you chosen where you wish to ship out after Basic and AIT yet or have they changed it so now you have you get the 3 choices after you finish? Do you plan on going to Jump School or have you decided yet and just taking it a day at a time?
  6. A Mortarman, where were you stationed out of?
  7. Well I haven't picked where I ship after AIT, but I've requested jump school in my contract. Still sad that I won't be able to smoke though lol
  8. remember not to smoke or anything even on your leave thats when they will most likely give you random drug testing upon your arrival or a few days after just to see if you behaved or if they can demote you or whatever while your in. Jump School is a pretty tough 3 weeks so make sure your in shape its mainly the first 2 weeks thats the killer the 3rd week is just basically your 5 qualifying jumps but not too difficult after the first 2 weeks. I recommend getting into shape before you ship out for basic and dont eat the sweets and fattening foods while your in reception they give it to you to butter you up then when you go to basic boom nothing and only 3 minute breakfast and dinners.
  9. Hey OP. i wasn't an 11B, i was an 88N, but hey it is what it is. Def don't smoke on leave like these guys said. i got busted and had a field grade A15....while i was my colonel's driver......and battalion color bearer......need less to say, when i came up before the same colonel i had driven around (no i was never high while driving the colonel......just buzzed a few times hours after smoking some good herb in Cali) he showed no mercy. 45/45 sucks, but really in retospect, it wasn't that bad. Avoid the whole thing and stay away from the bud, bud.
  10. i was a grunt from 12/72 - 4/76 ,u.s. army, E-5,acting jack...discharged as E-4.
    hq company 509th airborne , m.o.s. 11bravo, i toted 50 caliber ammo and tripod and spare barrells on patrol . back then jump pay was 35 bucks a month,in 1997 i came down with non-hodgkins lymphoma (small cleaved cell type ..follicular) but the V.A. denied my claim saying it was not service connected. i say it was exposure to Agent Orange,but who knows.
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    yup. active duty e2 0311. 3rd battalion 1st marines.

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