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Any runners?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by headbucket, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Hi, I am new to these forums, and was just wondering if anybody else here is a runner. I just finished my first marathon, and next to smoking, it is one of my favorite activities. I am however, worried that smoking is starting to affect my running. I have asthma and still smoke almost every day. I don't want to give up either as my life becomes very stressful without them. Has anybody been in a similar position?
  2. supposedly smoking mj is one of the best things for asthma patients. I dont know too much about it because i dont have asthma, but do some reasearch, you might be surprised with what you find.
  3. I dont think inhaling anything is healthy, especially if your a runner
  4. well if you smoke it will help your asthma (vaperizing is the best ) but it will hurt your lungs. so basically you will be able to breathe longer with smaller breathes instead of bigger breathes and shorter time period. so choose one ?
  5. Weed is shown to have less detrimental effects on your lungs than regular cigarettes, but tar is a factor regardless. Vaporizing will minimize your damage and maximize your high. If you run regular, which you say you do, smoking weed shouldnt effect you that much physically.

    On the other hand, weed will you make you lazy as sin, and it produces estrogen in your body (yes female hormones) so you will become weak and physically unfit. Maybe tip the balance a little, run a little more? And add some lifting too, not just cardio. Cheers!
  6. I don't have asthma but I've smoked and ran for years. I believe there's no danger in doing both.
    I know I'm just one person but I've never had any problems at all.
    I used to smoke before going on two hour runs, it'd make the run much more enjoyable, and I'd have better balance and rhythm.

  7. uhh...what, weed doesnt make you lazy, you make you lazy...dont blame weed for a problem, and im much more active and outgoing high than sober...

    also, estrogen...what the fuck, can i get a citation on that?
  8. yeah i ran cross country in high school and i smoked then too. i wasnt the fastest but definately not in the slow group. i still run but not as much as i used to im down to 5 miles every other day. the main reason i run is the mind aspect. i feel like i get into sort of a meditative state. if i have things that are troubling me or something i will go run and while im running i seem to work it all out in my mind so when my run is over im clear again. its really great oh and i dont run with music it seems to help me to have nothing but pounding feet and heavy breathing.
  9. Ya I'd like to see a source for that as well. The only thing that rings a bell was a 1930's propaganda line that said, if guys smoke weed, it can grow boobs on your chest.

    On the other hand, I smoke a few times a week but 5 - 6 days a week I do about 4 miles on the treadmill, 3.8 mph, maximum 15 degree incline for about 70 - 80 minutes. Roughly 900 - 1050 calories burned during the session. Then I'll get off a lift some weights. Been doing this on and off for the past two and a half years. The more pot I have, the less I do it and I think you can figure out why. :smoke:
  10. I feel the same way. I always like the idea of running with music but I just can't do it. When I run I feel like I'm doing something fundamentally pure and don't see any point in disturbing the feng shui. ^_^

    Although I would also like to add that I generally hate running. Unfortunately it's a necessary thing to do when one must stay in peak physical condition.
  11. anyone who knows anything knows estrogen makes men get man boobs and everyone who smokes pot has man boobs right?? :confused::confused: case closed
  12. my running experiences seem very similar. have you ever taken a week off from smoking and noticed any difference?
  13. Yeah I ran Stockholm marathon in 2:59:17 sp sure, running and toking totally matches,
  14. i havent taken a week off and noticed any differences mainly because i havent really taken a week off. but i might try that now cause i just got jacked money and have no bud. i know that it does affect it though. in cross country we had these team dinner things before meets where we all met at someones house and had a shitload of pasta and cookies and gatorade then a race the next day. well me and my friend on the team who smoked would meet up smoke and then show up to the dinners and eat ungodly amounts of food. i did notice that the races that i hadnt smoked the night before i felt fresher. thats the only way to describe it. my times never drastically changed but my body could feel it.
  15. actually ive been smoking more lately, and losing more weight, and ive watched my man boobs disappear..i miss them...
  16. well, i think im going to take a little break from weed. i just cleaned out all my pipes and put them away so not to be tempted. im almost scared that my running will improve, and then i will feel bad every time i smoke. oh well, wish me luck.
  17. yeah let me know how that turns out for you. even if it has a big improvement i doubt i will quit smoking just cause i dont run for times anymore i just run to run.
  18. Smoking anything will damage your lungs. The tar and at least one of the cannabinoids (forgot the name, sorry) is toxic to the lungs. The cannabinoid that I read about is released at 380 degrees fahrenheit, so if you meticulous about your health (kinda like me) then you'll set the vape just below 380.

    Any vape will be a much healthier alternative than smoking, but personally, and according to my friends and many people who've posted on these boards, smoking doesn't affect stamina while running. There are many studies out now that point out that even heavy weed smoking every day does not correlate with increased cancer risks. This is a bit off topic, but I saw a thread in another forum where people were discussing how weed's anti-cancer effects may be related to the melatonin it releases in our brains. Melatonin is supposedly anticancerous (at least in rats) Haha way off topic...

    If you want to know, I think the healthiest vaporizer is the Aromed. I just ordered one. Expect a detailed post about it in about a week, but here's a rundown of why I think it's the healthiest alternative:
    1) The temperature measurement is very exact b/c it measures the surface heat of the herb, not the heating element
    2) It's actually designed to vaporize herbal matter. I was close to getting the heatgun but I can't be sure that the electronics wouldn't emit toxic fumes after a while.
    3) The vapor if filtered through water before you breath it in. This traps the tiny particles that I would always suck through with my shitty vapor bros.

    I'll definatley be vaping it between 375-420 just to get those different highs, but at least I get to choose what temperature I want. I admit it's not the perfect vape, especially in big social gatherings cause it's easy to knock over and break. Volcano rocks in it's own way, but it's aluminum heating element and the plastic on the bags are not what I would call ideal, healthwise.

    Anyways, I'm pm-ing this to you cause I realize this may be a bit old.
  19. Not to big on the running here. I tend to enjoy the Laid back slower paces of life. For example one of my pass times is Fishing. Besides the obvious.
  20. I am a huge runner, I am being recruited by tons of colleges and I smoke almost everyday

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