Any Rhode Island tokers?

Discussion in 'General' started by StonedWaffler, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. From Johnston. Hbu?
  2. [quote name='"Jeffrulesyou"']Warwick![/quote]

    Hell yeah
  3. Right when I saw "rhode island tokers" I'm like hell yeah thats me! :smoke:
  4. Hey, Im new to RI. Anyone from around here wanna chill?
  5. Does Rhode Island have a nightlife? This guy I know who goes to Brown is like, dude please, never ever move to Rhode Island because it sucks so bad.
  6. Ever hear of Providence.....? Lol better night life than where your from
  7. Are you really going to make some argument that Providence has a better nightlife than Denver?
  8. There's definitely shit to do in Providence, so maybe that dude doesn't have a lot of friends or like bars or like concerts or like clubs idk...
  9. He said everything is centrally located in one part of town called like the hill or something and everything else was run down and ugly.

    He's from Florida so maybe that's why he hated Providence.
  10. There's a lot of bars and restaurants on Federal Hill (which is nice as fuck), but there's defintely other restaurants and bars spread through out the city along with venues for shows
  11. Do you guys have dispensaries?
  12. There's only going to be 3 and they open on January 1st.
  13. Dude your not from RI lol get your ugly Denver ass outta here!!

    And I agree with Prov, I think your homeboy was a loser :D
  14. [​IMG] :wave:
  15. I thought that got shut down about a year ago? But Im from Narragansett, whats good everyone
  16. 6 months huh? I can't seem to get this information anywhere, do you think caregivers will have access to dispensaries? Not only buying clones and seeds, but access to bud also?

    I see you everywhere on this site providence plant. Just saying :hello:

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