Any reptile lovers out there?

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  1. Hey, any blades into reptiles? You see I have a problem, I recently owned a cornsnake and took care of him for about 3/4 of a year. Long story short, he started escaping everyday and he became a whole lot of work for me during that point of my life so I got rid of him. It's been about two months since I got rid of him (btw i didnt like kill him, i gave him to a reptile store) and now that my life has cleared up and I have more time on my hands, I really really miss him :( I know I can't get him back as the store said they found him a home, but i'm thinking about getting another reptile, I definetly wouldn't get another cornsnake because that would be like replacing him and it wouldnt feel right, but im asking you guys if getting another reptile what be a dick thing to do (like some sort of bratty kid) since i have proved that i couldnt even keep my first reptile :( i know they are animals not just play things that you get rid of then get a new one.

    And what kind of reptiles do you guys have?
  2. I have a box turtle that I named Stella.

    Pardon my room, it was messy when I took this picture.

  3. Awesome turtle!
  4. Yeah. She got out of her pen outside a couple of weeks ago and I almost cried. But she was waiting for me by my garage door when I pulled up a few days ago. Imagine my suprise.
  5. Haha, weird. My bestfriends brother has a turtle, and I built it a pen :D
  6. Yeah reptiles have always been my favorite. When I was younger I would go out and catch all kinds of snakes, lizards, turtles, and frogs bring them back and build a habitat for them, keep em a while and then return them to their home where I found them. In 3rd grade I raised like 50 tadpoles to mature frogs and let them go down by this creek near my house.

    A couple years ago I caught a rattlesnake and kept it for a few days in this habitat I had for a retic I had and the rattler was pissed off all the time it kept rattling and striking the glass so I didn't want it to break its jaw from striking the glass so I let it go, the thing I was worried about though was being bitten when I was taking him out because he kept striking at me and he was a good 4 foot guy.

    anywyas reading this post makes me want to start getting reptiles again. good post man
  7. Longtime breeder of snakes and I've kept a variety of reptiles.
  8. im into reptiles.
    i had 3 turtles over the grew to be enormousss(had it for 8 years)
    and i also like snakes.althou i never had one i have friends who have and everytime i go i play with first i was scared but they are really friendly and actually they were more afraid than i was.

    ive also tried to play with a friends iguana once but he didnt like me i think and scratched the hell out of me.well that iguana doesnt like anyone actually.

    i would post pics but it wont let me..what the fuck with facebook.ive tried posting pics from there before and didnt work.2 months ago it would:confused:
  9. I have a bearded dragon. He's the shit. Unfortunately, I can hardly afford to take care of him anymore, and I might have to find a better home for him pretty soon. They're incredibly expensive to take care of.


    My first reptile was a cornsnake too. You have to get a tank with a lid that you can lock. Or throw a heavy book on top of it. Snakes are natural escape artists. :)

  10. My friends 4 foot boa got out once and we couldn't find him for months. One day after school we were walking in and outside was the snake chillin on a tree in the backyard hanging down haha...he dined out for a couple months
  11. I never really was a fan of reptiles but now I have a boyfriend who has 2 Iguanas, and I love them! I think it is just really cool to watch them move, and they are very entertaining! Occasionally he will leave the cage open and they really will explore, and I am convinced that they know no fear!
  12. I would just get another one, you kno as long as its taken care of like you said. I used to have 2 Bearded Dragons a few years ago but they got kinda expensive so i gave them to my buddy
  13. I have a ball python, 2 corns, 1 columbian and 1 brazilian rainbow boa, savu python, 2 kenyan sandboas (breeding pair) who just had some babies we sold.. i think thats all on snaked lol.
    then a few scorpions.. all native to texas nothing special
    then a shit load of tarantulas.. green bottle blues, red knee, curly hairs, rose hairs, indian ornamental, brazilian white knee, goliath birdeater, red leg... im sure im leaving something out lol

  14. Haha, that is awesome! A friend of mine has a rattle snake and a birdeater, and a couple scorpions, plus his green tree boa. Except it's extra crazy because we live in Los Angeles, haha.
  15. yup, i have a ball python.

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