any relaxants besides bud?

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  1. sup blades,

    ive been hittin the weights hard lately and my body is taking a beating. itd be nice to smoke a bowl or two but being a college athlete means im subject to random drug testing and i already failed one at my other school :D

    that being said i wanted to know if you guys knew any teas or such that could help me relax and relive me of this aching.

    yeah i know being sore and what not comes with lifting but believe me im hurting. all this damn speed work and lifting really is taking a toll on me.

    i get a good nights sleep, about 7-8 hours so thats not a issue.

    i appreciate any input
  2. Try camomile tea. Also, valerian could help you relax, doesnt work for everyone though.
  3. Passion flower tea also helps. Could look for the Yogi Tea Joint Comfort which really helps after a long day of physically strenuous activities.
  4. Sip some lean bro
  5. chamomile tea for sure. Have a cup about a half hour before you go to sleep. Sounds like you're getting enough sleep, which is quite impressive for being in college. Try to fall asleep and wake up at the same time each day if you're not already. Last thing which is extremely important, make sure you're eating enough food. Not getting proper nutrition can cause increased soreness.
  6. you seriously should look into kava kava it's very very relaxing.

    i suffer from anxiety and refuse to take my medication because it turns me into a zombie.

    this is a natural, herbal substance and does me absolutely GREAT

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