any recomended purple/especiallly colorful strains for growing?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NWestblessed, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. So I know that bud turns purple from drops in temperature while its still alive and maturing but I also know there is real purps and strains that are colorful nonetheless for instance the original blueberry was light blue, purple and red and I've had strains like Purple Urkle that are just purplely ass dankness. I'm personally definately a bigger fan of strains that aren't purple but dank is dank and there's something about smoking colorful buds that makes it more of an experience in a superficial way so to speak. Anyone here grown any purple strains that were exceptional. I know purp kush is a super dank indica that straight puts you in a coma very dank indica but I plan on growing some colorful shit as soon as I get some experience with my first grow which will be northern lights
  2. If you can find some Church or God's Gift seeds or clones then those would be very nice, Church was very dark purp, and gods gift is a very nice colorful one.
  3. I've had some p town church that wasn't purp but all plants tend to be different. Have you grown either? I'm assuming you've tasted them does the god's gift actually have any distinct quality in grow or smoke?
  4. Well i havent had a chance to grow because im still on my first one at the moment. Yeah i have tasted them both before, god's gift i picked up a joint that they rolled for me at the dispensary because i was interested in it. Most purps taste pretty much the same to me, a slight fruity mellow tasting smoke, not so harsh like some dank.
  5. purple diesel is the dankness
  6. I'm growing a Mr. Nice Guy plant at the moment that produces extremely purple buds. First time growing it, but I have smoked it on several occasions and its very nice. Very relaxing
  7. deep purple from subcool was the tastiest purp ive ever grown or smoked super grapey purple color came out more with organic nutes, super easy to grow n clone

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