any reason why we cant post bitmap pics?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by sensimil, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. hey superjoint, I suppose you would have the wisdom behind this one...
    just wondering why we cant attatch .bmp's..any specific reason? thanks :)
  2. The sites set up won't handle BitMaps.

    You have to post jpg or jpeg.

    I had a problem when I was scanning some things and trying to post. I had to get a scanner with the jepg or jpg to post.

    If you have photo shop you can change from BMP to jpeg.

  3. yeah thats what im trying to do right now. I know I did it before..i just gotta figure it out. :) thnx
  4. BMP files are HUGE.

    That's most likely why they aren't allowed. There are lts of programs out there that will convert the file for you.

    In fact, most anything that will open the picture for editing will hav a feature to "save as". Then change the format from BMP to JPG.

    Viola! You'll be surprised to see how much smaller a jpeg file is than a bitmap.

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