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Discussion in 'General' started by ITZWEEDMAN!, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. ive been smoking every single day for the past 2 years straight. i hussle like a football player, meaning i know my shit! if anyone has any questions about marijuana weed dont ask redman ask ME!!!


  2. do you have the weedman signle like bat man has the red phone an batsignle in the commisiners office?

    an if so, what are your special powers?
  3. what made you make this thread?
  4. are you joking?

    EDIT: and have you gotten any kind of cold or sore throat in the last two years?
  5. ^^^^LMAO^^^^
  6. i smoke a lot.


  7. aww weeman, you were so close to a quality snotty reply, but ya had to go and ruinin it with the fucking dolt part...

    for shame.

    no name calling !! were all mature here right! Right!? RIGHT??!
  8. i dont like this, cant we all just get a bong? but seriously
  9. im really sorry a lot of yall dont like the site. i try and keep it updated all the time and as informative as possible. i guess i just cant help everyone! oh well..


  10. i think u just gotta remember most of the peeps on the city have smoking longer than 2 years, and aswell as that chill guys i dont like seeing agruments between blades! lol
  11. I am so with DoK on this one.

    This is stupid. Yeah, it's funny when some of us who have been smoking for over half of our life read about people who have been smoking for what we may think is a short time who think they know more than anyone else about MaryJane but we all learn everyday about everything. I did laugh (a lot...and pointed it out to others) when I read this thread but I wasn't going to be rude and a jackass about it. Hell, I probably thought I was the shit and knew it all after a year or two of toking. I just can't remember that far back. ;)

    I don't see how people who are stoners can go out of their way to jump on someone else about their shit. State your thoughts without directing them towards a particular person with the intent to start a conflict. People who seek out confrontations are attention seekers, as well. If you don't like someone, ignore them. If you don't dig someone's website, then either offer constructive criticism or shush it. No need to not be nice around here...especially since we're all stoners.
  12. here here RMJL!!
  13. RMJL - keeper of the peace!

    I'm with RMJL ad Dr. K on this one too. There's no reason to attack someone.

    However, Mr. Weedman wasn't all in the clear. It's ludicrious to come here and say that you know everything about weed, when, in reality, no one knows everything about it.

    That's why we're here. "We" as in, the City. No one person knows everything about weed. Some people know a lot about the laws in different states and countries. Some people know a lot about growing. Some people are really crafty at bong and pipe making. Some people concentrate their weed expiertise toward how it affects the human body. Others just smoke waaaay too much. :)

    Collectively, though, I'd venture to say that The City as a whole would know pretty much anything you'd ever need to know about marijuana. So, to those that flamed ITZWEEDMAN, please, remember the love. We're all here to hang out, and chill, and learn and there are better ways to say things then flames. And to ITZWEEDMAN, welcome to The City. There's a million questions asked here every day, just look for them, and if you think you can help, pop a reply.
  14. Thanks RMJL.... I passed by this thread earlier today and chuckled to Yeah, I probably thought I was THE expert about thirty years ago! We all be mellow stoners here. Yea, I am soooooo stoned today, uh tonight!
  15. dont call it weed.... its disrespectful
  16. Who,why,what and where ??????? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. lol, i've seen this happen in so many forums it's not even funny anymore.

    If you want to impress people the last thing you do is walk up to them and tell them you know more than them, even if it's true.
  18. I want to know all the things I need for hydro grow..

    Every thing from soil all the way to how do I know if they are doing great while growing..

    I grow only in soil now.. Kinda the old fasion way, if you will..

    My type of grow would be exactly like the old farmers grow vegitables..
  19. I am quite aware of the prickleys, they are evil and should be destroyed, and even though i don't really know what you're talking about it's because i'm stoned, not because of you.

  20. lol,No. Just the whole thread .[​IMG]

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