Any PURE sativas left?

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  1. This may be in the wrong section, if so i apologize.. just wanted to come to the growing section though to talk to people who actually know what they're talking about when it comes to my question..

    Now to the actual question - Are there actually any pure sativa plants left? I feel like everything at this point has been crossbred with either indica or ruderalis at this point... are there any REAL Sativa L. strains left? If not whats the closest strain out there? I'm asking because I want to use the most sativa dominant plants possible for this upcoming outdoor season :D

    Thanks for any replies!

  2. our best bet is to acquire indigenous land races (colombia, mexico, certain parts of asia, including thailand). I hope to get my hands on some Malawi seeds and cross them with a haze or maui waui. #drools
  3. world of seeds has land races...not sure how good they are...South African Kwazulu is 100%

  4. Thanks everyone for the replies, and yeah I was assuming land race strains would be the only option, but again I've very skeptical of almost all of them... Bubrubsensi you'll have to let me know how that stuff turns out :)

    Thanks again everyone!
  5. I have some Acapulco gold seeds i just germinated* now i now everyone is skeptical of them being real, and no they arnt Barneys wana-be seeds. Supposedly from a farm in Acapulco Mexico, that hasnt changed strains in over 60 years. Farm is on a peninsula with ocean winds eliminating the chance of cross polination. The main reason I think there authentic... 15+ week flowering. you cant find anything online with that long of a flower. I have mixed feelings about Dr Grinspoon, first off i dont like how they say it grows so much different, with beads loosley strung on a thin stem... the plant grows like a normal plant. Has alotta streach, but doesnt have marble shaped nugs all over. I would say that is one of the closest pure sative you will find online. Anything more legit than that your going to have to have some pretty strong contacts in your phone :)
  6. Ace Seeds has some pure sativa strains.

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