Any pro-police smokers out there?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bong_Smoke, May 12, 2006.

  1. Yeah, i know i probably sketch you guys out, im not a cop, and for some reason i just dont hate them as much as typical weed smokers.

    Hell im planning on getting degrees in criminal justice so i can be swat.

    I know im going to have to quit when the time comes :(:smoke:

    Flame away fuckers! :D
  2. nah man, I have respect for the cops that do their job and protect people. Sure I wish it would be less intrusive, and of course I support legalization fully for all, but man, cops can rly save your ass in other situations.
  3. i have mad respect for the fuzz. they can be cool if your just calm and rational about everything. plus im friends with 1 that smokes. im in no way aginst cops. for as many stupid butsts they make, they help keep the peace (to an extent). i live about 1/2 a mile away from the highest crime neighborhood in the state. if it werent for cops, the 3 or 4 blocks of that neighborhood would be alot worse.
  4. I have the utmost respect for police officers, because I do not want to do what they do. I will sum up my views on law enforcement in one sentence:

    I respect police officers for the job they do, I do not respect some police officers for how they go about doing their job.
  5. Guys...There are scumbags in ALL walks of life. All races, all creeds, all people all groups.. ALL classifications have their idiots. Its not all police. I know plenty of smokers who are complete sketchy douchebags.

    I respect the cops for keeping criminals off the streets... But smokers are not criminals.
  6. I've always respected the hardworking, honest & polite police officer. Even in stages of my life where I was slanging. They did their job and I did mine. Most cops if you're polite and honest wouldn't hastle you. They only become 'hardasses' when you give them reason to. Of course theres exceptions to every rule but the first part still stands true.

    As for the quote 'smokers are not criminals', its very true. I've walked away many times with my buds in my pocket simply by being nice. Not everyones out to get you.
  7. ^^ I respect the police that understand that statement.
  8. I have no respect for the fuzz.

    Don't get me wrong, it's nothing personal.

    But I'm a criminal, and their job is to arrest me.

    So we are enemies.

    And until the drug laws changes, I will not be friendly, kind, understanding, or respectful to my enemy. I will comply with them as much as legally required, and nothing more. I know first hand their disguisting tactics of busting harmless drug users (my cousin was asked to dress up as a HS student and go undercover... but he was a former toker so he said 'no').

    On a personal note, I think cops are mostly corrupt as hell. I have my reasons and don't feel like going into them.
  9. just this week there were at least 10 cop cars at the high school i went to, and they had drug dogs and everything. some sherriff and state cars to go along with the fleet of surrounding town's cruisers.

    the school went into lock down and the dogs sniffed EVERY car in the parking lot, even the teachers, and they busted two friends of mine, one for bud and a pipe and one for a grinder he thought he lost.

    now that is just fucking ridiculous. how much tax payer money was wasted so those two kids could get fucked in the ass?

    my girlfriend, who still attends the school, was in the office getting a form before class when it happened and she was trapped in the office for 3 HOURS while they did searched the entire school grounds. she had nothing to do but sit in a chair and stare at the wall.

    keep in mind she should have been to 2 of the 3 classes she has a day during that time.
  10. I respect cops in general. But not those who think they are gods and try to act like they have all the power in the world.

    I just wish weed was legal.
  11. i know a girl who i went to rehab with that was a cokehead and is becoming a cop

    i dont have a problem with police, and typically police are cool to me, like one time i was fucked up as hell on 1200mg's of dxm drivin my gf home at 2 in the morning and i stopped at a redlight and no one was coming so i went through it and got pulled over, they asked if i was on drugs but didnt do a sobriety check, and then the other time i was on 1200mg's of dxm i was runnin from the police and when i got out of the cell the cop who chased me was like "thanks for the excercise man i needed a little adrenaline rush" n i jus told him "no problem, thanks for bein cool and not tacklin my ass n puttin me in an armbar"
  12. there's a big difference between some fucking pig cop and swat. swat handles situations that no one else could handle and that shit is bad ass.
  13. I respect them. If it wasn't for police, this place would be FUCKED. I've never really shit talked the po-po, besides a few times when I had some run-ins with some ASSHOLE cops.

    For example, to make a long story short, I was getting accused of something I didn't do when I was about 15 and was getting interrogated by an officer, and my accusers. The officer and my accusers (civilians) were cracking jokes about my earrings, saying something along the lines of, "the boys in juvie are really gonna like those! actually I bet you'd enjoy it." I replied, "so what are you calling me a faggot or something?" Cop replies, "at least I didn't have to say it." Not only that, but told me I was going to be nothing but another piece of shit in and out of prison my whole life. I'll admit I was being kind of a prick to them, but after getting tackled down by the two civilians and pretty much manhandled for no reason, I wasn't very happy.

    Fuck that guy, otherwise I'm glad we have cops. Just don't get caught by 'em. Unless your doing something fucked up, I hope you get caught.
  14. It all comes down to the cop, like all people, some are cool and some are dicks.

    A few years back my girlfriend and I were smoking in a small lot behind her house in my car. I'm a paranoid bitch when it comes to drugs and being in public (never been busted once btw) and I told her we shouldn't smoke here. But she insisted it's safe and done it many times before. Well we're hotboxxin my car and what rolls by? a cop car. We're like ah whatever I doubt he saw us it's so dark. Low and behold the cop goes in reverse, and shines the spotlight on us. I remember I just said out loud "Well we're fucked". She put the blunt in the ashtry but there really wasnt any time to hide anything, plus the car was totally smoked out. Cop walks up to us, asks for our IDs (it was 1am, just checking if we were minors out that late). He asks my girlfriend if she's alright, he says okay guys it's cold as balls out here, have a good night, and just leaves. Smoke was bellowing out of my car when I got out to talk to the cop, it was obvious what we were stoned, he was just cool about and realized we were doing no harm. Cool cops rock!
  15. Some mean well, though the are more just trying to get a good bust.
  16. Tolerate the cops.
    FUCK the laws.

    Its too bad tho that the easiest criminal to catch is a drug user.
    If drugs were legal, cops would have a big void in their daily runs.
  17. "i wish all the good cops, if they exist, the very best. and a bullet for all the...."
    -strike anywhere

    seriously though. i catch a lot of shit from the cops in the area that don't know i'm a respected member in the community because i'm young (i teach martial arts in the most popular school in the area). a couple of weeks ago i was stopped and questioned because i was walking down the sidewalk with a hood on my head on a "warm" day (it was 60 farenheight).
  18. I respect all but a few laws. Cops are just doing their job.

  19. Exactomundo

    When I was caught by a cop (he let me off, just informed my mom) he told me that he didnt necessarily think the laws were justified either but told me when I grow up to do all I could to change them.

    The other cop that was with him told me that if I kept smoking pot, I would eventually be doing heroin :rolleyes:

    So just like normal people, theres the good and the bad.

  20. I don't know where your from but in Georgia, Our cops have to go thru backround

    tests, siketests and a bunch more. I guess what i'm saying is Your friend might

    have done coke and is becoming a cop, but she never went to rehab. It's impossible

    to become a Gun weilding Cop 2 years clean.

    BTW My dad's a fuzz and he know's i burn. Doesn't understand why but he knows he can't change me.

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