any possible way to get good seeds into us?

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  1. hi i would like to know if at all there was a way to get good seeds into the us (like sent by package of ups or mail) i really want to get these types specificly
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    any help at all would be nice*
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  2. yes some seed banks ship to u.s. my friends ordered some NL to my house for my birthday last year and they came in the back of a blank cd case in a small package but i guess from reading around it doesnt ALWAYs work
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    Dude... what the fuck?!

    Why do people post - in an open forum, no less - how seeds show up in the mail?! :mad:

    I'm seeing that a lot around here... and I'm starting to think any idiot who would do that almost certainly works for law enforcement.

    To the OP: Yes, there are many companies who will ship to the US safely and stealthily. Read around this subforum a little bit and in 10 minutes you'll know of several companies who will send you seeds. There is always the possibility that your package could be seized by customs, but that's just a chance you take. It's never happened to me or anyone I know.
  4. because so many cd cases will go through themail they cant possibly check everysingle one, you honestly think they didnt know how they got here before people posted on forums?
  5. Of course they knew... :rolleyes:

    ...look how many people are more than willing to just give up the information without even being asked for it. There's always some big-mouthed dumbass willing to do the DEA's homework for them, but why would you wanna be one of them?
  6. I agree with Mr. MJ. It's one thing to ask what seed banks deliver to your part of the world but it's another thing to ask how they do it.
  7. 1. Dry Snitching

    To indirectly tell secrets or offenses to a person of authority or any person meant to be kept away from a secret or offense, sometimes inadvertently.
    If the telling of secrets or offenses is purposeful, minute details are usually left out as not to appear to be directly telling.

    Keep that shit to yourself!
  8. OK to all the shit talkers...
    i could give less of a damn how they get em' in to the Us i just wanna know if they can!
    but thanks to all that helped!=)
    but it would be nice if i could get like some hyprlinks too please n' thanks!
    Honestly and Truthfully

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