Any Portal Fans?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Aaagogo, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. How many GC'ers heard or played the game Portal?

    and if you do, have you tried playing it while baked?
  2. Me. And yes. Great game. Havent played in a while though. Unfortunatly the actual game was pretty short but great while it lasted. But i messed around with a few mods etc.
    Found out the other day from a thread on here theres a second portal on the way. Looks fantastic.

    But yeah, the whole orange box is great. Have you played around with garrys mod ?
    also great to sit and chill out, have a laugh and play. Also havent played that in a while but have done a reinstall since then. But just checking out the garys mod site im gonna install it again. My bro was right into it, making crazie movies n that for a while.
  3. Portal was awesome.

    Portal 2 is going to be AMAZING.
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    Yes! I can´t wait for Portal 2!! It´s going to be AWESOME!
    Glados is going to woop our butt :)

    And yea, Garrys Mod is great, so much to do, so much fun :)
    Sadly we still have to wait a while for P2 to come out :/
    But hopefully it will be all the better for the wait.
  5. i have yet to try to play Portal when I'm baked, but i think i will, soon hopefully

  6. dude i am beyond pumped for portal 2

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