Any poker tutorials? I want to learn?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Iceman420, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Ok, so I know very little about poker, my brother once taught me how to play the classical poker, but i forget all about it.
    Is there any way I can learn Poker(well, specifically Texas Hold'em)? Videos or books? Just something not too complicated and easy to understand
  2. i play online on pokerstars and full tilt poker...its free and fun

    i dont even know how i learned...but i remember playing since i was little..

    you will get better over time....jus play on one of those sites and you will catch on real quick

    hope that helps!!
  3. Get Red Dead Redemption and play poker on there
  4. Twoplustwo deucescracked Cardrunners pokernews leggopoker gamemasteronline
  5. ^ This.

    Also get a Full Tilt or Poker Stars account and play in the Free Roll Tournaments for practice.

    You can play for play money but since there's an actual cash reward in Free Rolls the level of play tends to be more realistic allowing you to learn quicker.
  6. I believe the best way to go is to read up all the poker info you can (the sticky posts in the 2+2 micro NLHE forums) then deposit 20$ online and play the 1c/2c cash games.

    If you do this and put effort into it you will NOT lose your 20$ and you WILL make some money. How many people can say they have made money overall in poker? You will be one of them.

    Putting 20$ online and playing the smallest stakes doesn't make you any kind of problem gambler, and if you do something stupid to lose it then it's only 20 bucks and you won't sweat it much.
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    The freerolls will help if you have the patience. Oh yeah and read through 2+2 for like 2weeks before you post. I think Phil galfond has a site too and pokernews also. Don't play for real money until you can crush play money but it's like the freeroll you need patience young grasshopper. I'm reading lee jones book now but oh yea start with limit hold en first then maybe Omaha limit then nl after you crush those games. Good goal. Beat 4/8 then play Omaha 8 then limit 10/20, crush 2/5 nl then 20/40 live then 5/10nl. Are u planning on playing online or live?
  8. holdembonus is the best to learn poker. its has many flash made online poker enjoy the game...........
  9. The best way is too play for free online. Id read tutorials and be like o_O but when you play it it just comes too you alot quicker. Keep playing, you'll get it.
  10. Hi Iceman,

    I started playing last month on

    You can find a freeroll calendar there and start playing for free if you like, or enlist on their poker schools. Some are completely free

    I hope to be have helped.



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