Any point in taking .5g of mush?

Discussion in 'General' started by highandmighty, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I did some mushrooms last night and I have about .5g worth of shake left. Any point in taking it or should I just trash it?
  2. It is enough to feel mild effects. I find it pretty nice and chill.
  3. dont trash it. if anything, hold on to it and just add it to whatever dose you take in the future.
  4. shouldve just took that .5 with your last trip.

    i wouldnt trash it either way, i mean you did pay for it.
  5. Just hold on to it untill you dose next time. kind of a waste to eat it now or throw it out.

    Edit: actually, lemon tek it!
  6. Yeah, I would have thrown it in with the last trip, but don't throw it away. Even if it's only the placebo effect, eating it is the better option. Depending on how often you get shrooms you might just save it for next time.
  7. Smoke some weed with it, too. It potentiates the shrooms or some shit, I have taken the same 2g dose a few different times and the times that I smoked a bowl or two after, i was exponentially more fucked up than the times that I didn't. Even if the shrooms don't cause any noticeable effects on their own, the effects might become more apparent if you get some THC in your system too.
  8. That lemon juice thing really works.
  9. Why?

    I went to the above link but didnt see what causes it.

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