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any plants that arent MJ that contain thc/cbd's?

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by wv dro, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. im just wondering if there are any plants out there that contain cannaboids or thc that arent cannabis?
  2. No, at least not to my knowledge. Cannabis is unique
  3. Phytocannabinoids beyond the Cannabis plant – do they exist? - Gertsch - 2010 - British Journal of Pharmacology - Wiley Online Library

  4. Loki's also doing soem genetic shit to put THC and what not into tomatoes, giving out seeds at the end of the year i think:)
  5. Don't mangos carry something extremely similar to thc, which is why eating one makes your high more intense/last longer?
  6. Myrcene - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    someone even has a commercial product out based on this effect:eek:

    Medi-Boost -

    Weed Helper! :)
  7. Chocolate contains anandamide, the equivalent of THC.

    I don't think anything else contains cannabinoids but there are certain herbs that will activated one or more of the cannabinoid receptors.

    The only one that comes to mind is echinacea which is a strong cb-2 agonist but im sure there are others as our endocannabinoid system is of extreme importance.
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    do you know if you can dry and smoke a plant with high amounts of myrcene? or is it one of those things that heat destroys?
    EDIT:wiki says the boiling point 334 degrees faranheit. so i guess heat doesnt destroy it but would you get any effect if you mixed a dried plant containing alot of it in with bud?
  9. You're supposed to eat a mango an hour before you blaze. The myrcene is what is in cannabis that helps more THC cross the blood brain barrier and there is a lot of it in mangoes especially ripe ones, so basically it makes you higher or so the theory goes
  10. Someone I know told me that iceburg lettuce has THC in it.
  11. i dont think so but what do i know
  12. rofl :hello::wave: :smoke:
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    Red beat me to one, but these may be interesting-

    Marijuana and chocolate. (abst - 1996)
    Marijuana and chocolate. [AIDS Treat News. 1996] - PubMed result

    Cannabinoid mimics in chocolate utilized as an argument in court (abst – 2000) (didn't work!)
    \tChocolate and cannabinoids

    Scientists Find New Sources of Plant Cannabinoids Other than Medical Marijuana?
    \t(news – 2010)
    Scientists Find New Sources of Plant Cannabinoids Other than Medical Marijuana? « Montanabiotech's Blog

    Tea catechins' affinity for human cannabinoid receptors. (abst – 2010)

    Alkylamides from Echinacea are a new class of cannabinomimetics. Cannabinoid type 2 receptor-dependent and -independent immunomodulatory effects. (full – 2006)
  14. it would be awesome if i could cross breed the sunflowers in my front yard with the flowers in my closet.
  15. Yangonin, one of the main kavalactone compounds in the intoxicating kava plant has been shown to possess significant binding affinity to the Cannabinoid receptor CB1
    Yangonin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Also, everyone should try kava kava if they haven't. A potent tea from pure root powder(preferably from the fiji, papau new guinea or vanuatu strains) makes for a nice. Relaxing and euphoric time. I love this shit
  16. Sorry, that Myrcine rumor is FALSE.

    The only reason it exists is due to Hops having Myrcine in them, and because they're in the cannabaceae, people mistakenly linked Myrcine to cannabis.


    Pfft, welcome to goddamn motherfucking grass city. >=\
  17. No, its not. It's a terpene, one of the many found in plants. Different levels of different terpenes in your bud are one of the major factors in varying effects of weed. The mango has myrcene in it too, that's why you're supposed to eat it an hour before. It get into your bloodstream and helps with your high, but its only really for shit weed. There's a "cap" on how much it takes to alter the effect, and most good weed pretty much caps out already. Also found in bay leaves, thyme, and a few others.

    Same with any terpene. If you have a lemon kush, chances are its loaded with limonene and ingesting anymore won't do anything for you.
  18. Nope.

    Terpenes dont really do much other than smell good (or bad, as in many caterpillars and termites, which secrete terpenes to repel predatory insects)

    There are some minor exceptions, like some terpenes being useful for expectorant, antiseptic, and alledgedly anti-inflammatory properties, however no, they do not influence your high, EXCEPT for being a placebo, and allowing psychosomatic phenomena to occur due to the power of suggestion.
  19. I guess only people who consider themselves to be walking encyclopaedias could think they're only placebos.. Many have known effects, that's why essential oils are used in aromatherapy and other herbal remedies. Essential oils are pretty much made up of mainly terpenes. The effect you get from the terpenes is amplified from the THC, kind of like how it amplifies most everything else. So if a terpene of a plant gives you a relaxing feeling from ingesting it, the relaxing effect will be amplified.

    So yes, different levels of different terpenes in your weed leads to different effects. Most of the time its barely noticeable, but in the case of the mango, it can make a big difference if you're smoking shit weed that has lil to no myrcene in it.

    They're natural chemicals, but just because they're responsible for the smell doesn't mean that's their only purpose..

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