Any plans for the holidays?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by InhaleReefer420, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Happy 4/20! Be careful out there, hope it's a good one :)
  2. Working like always. Been on a t break for a month got a couple weeks left

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  3. A moment of silence for all the blades that dont have access to weed on this most magical of holidays, myself included

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  4. A few years ago I was into 420. I would take a trip somewhere nice...wanted to go to a public that I got kids everyday is the same..
    Still started off waking n baking when I woke up and had a sweet at lunch time followed by some of the best pizza in Houston
    Happy 420,eveeyone
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  5. This is my 4th 420 as a weed smoker and it means nothing to me anymore. Just a usual day for me really. My friend was baffled that I wasn't getting high on 420 so she came over way earlier and smoked me out a blunt with some kief involved. I've got a little bit of bud and I smoked a few hours ago, so I'm coming down watching Star Wars 7 with my baby bro right now lol. My other bro is gonna come down later after work and we're gonna blunt cruise. Be careful guys, police started to set up checkpoints in my town at 9am this morning.
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  6. I see, sounds like you had a good day though. Nice to see a fellow Texan on here!
  7. Sorry to hear that bro, hopefully those few weeks fly by! I'll smoke one for you
  8. oh man. ok, so my college campus is split up into 2 parts, 1 part of campus is where the classroom buildings/dining hall/library/mailroom are located, then across the street is a block that has 4 dorms and the athletic building as well. my college has a block party every year in the middle of april, a couple weeks before finals. last year I was in the 1 year program that is also at my college but the students aren't known as freshman until the year after, so i did the block party as well last year.

    this year the block party just happened to be on 4/20. my friends and I decided to buy a crapton of weed on 4/20 eve. i spent like 80 on dabs and 40 on weed. needless to say, we got high as fuckkkkkkkk. then on 4/20, we still had a lot more left to smoke, and we got blazed as hell for a couple hours, before heading outside to the block party. my friends all head down to the party and by this time, i was wayyyyy too stoned to be out in public, but i went anyway. as soon as we got outside, i saw sooooo many people (everybody i knew, cause my school is small) and i started getting all paranoid, and i even told one of my friends that this is way too much for me for the level of high that i was at. after a couple minutes i made my way over to my group of friends (a couple girls that didn't smoke with us that day, and then a couple of my other friends that were also as high as me) and we all just stayed in a small circle outside for like 2 hours. somehow i managed not to draw any attention to myself, and its a good thing cause if one of the campus safety guys noticed me, i probably would have been some point my friends and i decided to get in line for the deep fried oreos when the line got shorter, and that felt pretty great :yay:

    we then went back inside to smoke more, and then the school had a bbq outside so we had like a buffet style dinner. the college radio station even played "because i got high" by Afroman, so I'm pretty sure the school knew what was up that day, and they just didn't care at all. what were they going to do, kick out everyone on campus that was high that day?

    still, it was a pretty scary experience being at my schools block party blazed out of my mind...but a great experience at the same time! being outside in the sun, and so many people out there, my eyes felt sooo glazed and the whole campus felt like a picture in's hard to explain, but it was a very interesting 4/20.
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  9. Generally being high does that too you buddy.

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