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Any pills resemble hydrocodone??

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by CheebCheeb, Sep 16, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys, dont bash me on this please, my mom had 5/500 m357 hydrocodones she got prescribed about 4 years ago when she broke her leg, and I just happen to come across them in the cabinet a couple months ago. There was 20 when I found them so it was full, she is a strong believer in not taking drugs so she never took them and probably never will, but she will probably notice the bottle sometime in her life when we move or something, theres only like 5 left now, and she is going to know I took them, Im wondering if there is any pill or aspirin I can get at a pharmacy that resembles hydrocodones, they dont even have to be perfect, they just gotta be white and kinda big, anyone know any? And please again dont bash on me taking them, she never was and never is going to need them.
  2. just take the rest and throw away the bottle ?

    they are 5 years old, you really think she would remember or notice?
  3. There are some asprins that are long and white and generally resemble them. Id just take the other 5 of the vics and put 20 of the asprins in there. You can look around and I guarantee you will find something similar because I did this exact same thing:D
  4. If she asks about them just say you threw them away cause they were expired.
  5. Or even better just say you had no idea that those pills were even in their.
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    thanks for the advice guys, ill just stop by walgreens and see what i can get, we just moved from our house to an apartment a couple months ago because our house is being built, and the pills were moved, so in a couple months when we move into our house the pills gotta be there, if my parents didnt touch them then I had to, they wont believe something just disapered, and I HIGHLY doubt my mom would believe that I decided to be a good citizen and throw away old prescription pills rather than taking them haha, my parents will have no clue what hydrocodone look like so anything close will work, thanks guys
  7. do not double dose hydrocodone it fucked my buddy up and he almost passed out and felt extremely week. i would suggest getting ibuprofen or some pain reliever. often pain relievers have the same pill shape just different numbers on them.
  8. You could maybe replace them with Tylenol. They look damn near the same.

  9. Well yeah, I guess replacing your mother's pills with something other than what she was prescribed to feed your drug habit is a really cool move. Why would you make a thread about stealing from your parent, and why would you ask us to be complicit in the act by not calling you on it?

    Please think before posting bro.
  10. multivitamins.
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