Any PC players play Counter Strike(CSGO)?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by the_tobzster, Feb 13, 2014.

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    just curious to see if there are any fellow CSGO players on these forums!
    What do you think about the game and how much do you play??

  2. I do! chaos3054 is my steam. 
  3. I do, rarely these days, but every now and then...
    My display name varies from Nuclear, Straker to Viral Frog.

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    Sweet .. what do you think of the game now man? With all the patches and shitt...
  5. I've only played once or twice since the major update a couple days ago, but from the looks of the update info, it'll make the game more difficult. More enjoyable? I'll have to play a bit more to judge that
  6. A new patch ey I was unaware of this I'll have to check it out. Steam id is whoresscores7yursago

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    Yeah apparently the biggest since the game first came out (game mechanics wise). They also added an fully auto pistol, don't know if that's good or not haha
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  9. Best PC shooter (for the money) by far!!! Got it for 3 bux on black friday!!!
    my steam ID is Glockspeiser
    havent played in a while cause ive been studying my ass off for the GRE but looking to get back into it after this tuesday.
    I've made some good money selling all my cases as of late. Ive never once paid to unlock any of my cases lol. 
    Is there any point to unlocking those cases besides getting the weapons with the cool skins? cause if not, im just gonna keep selling them
  10. just got it a couple days ago. been playing cs 1.6/source for about 10 years now and i have to say im extremely disappointed. they ruined the awp and ak. there are more cheaters on go than the other games. bittersweet relationship
  11. Sinnersneedlove. I have 1.6 and GO.
    I don't have a desk atm so I'm on hiatus. My coffee table setup wouldn't get me by on a twitch game.

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  12. Used to be quite good as counter strike source but only played cs go a couple of times. I'm going to start to play more often that's for sure.
    Add me up
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    I have 1.6 as well, shit I'm down to play that too.

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