any parents out there? whats a good forum?

Discussion in 'General' started by letsmokeasweet, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. so i have kids and i was trying to find a good support site to join.

    somrthing simular to grasscity but instead of weed its all about parenting

    i tried looking around but most rub off the wrong way so can anyone recomend a good site to join?
  2. do they even have that sort of thing???
  3. No, my wife has tried to look for the same thing and found most sites completely crowded with super lib crunchy moms who's unrealistic methods of raising their kids makes the site unbearable.

    Its not bad enough that they have ridiculous methods but then they try to shove their ideas down your throat and talk down to you if you dont conform.

    Fuck em.
  4. Parent how you feel you should parent. Discuss the matter with your husband, etc.
  5. You could check out Redefine family | Offbeat Mama if you want. It's not quite what you're looking for but you might find some stuff you like. And who the hell says you need a whole website for some grassy parenting advice?? There's TONS of parents on here already (including me). Just make some friends and let the good thoughts flow!
  6. I would maybe look at books, seems like a great place to go for information. You could also just get a group of friends who also have kids together bi-monthly or something..

    I don't have kids. Obviously.
  7. If you're looking for a support system, a google search brings up some I've never seen before. Yahoo chat used to have something similar long ago but of course it was ruined by trolls so I stopped looking at it. May have changed now tho.

    If you're just looking for information and advice, your best bet is to read, read, read. That's what I did. But then again, I'm pretty antisocial... So good luck!
  8. I think parenting sites and books are all trash , no offence . Your parenting should not be from what you've read from a psycologist who's writing about what a kids behavior means based on their studys of the brain while their children are off getting drunk and shit . Noone knows your kids like you do, so you make your decisions with your loved one or family .
  9. They should make a parenting forum for recreational drug users
  10. The women at another site I used to hang at were always yakking about Sybermoms Parenting Forum - Powered by vBulletin

    I just went there for the first time myself to see if the link was worth mentioning. Dunno, you'll have to look around yourself. :D
  11. well thanks all for your input. i guess im just looking for another site to check out while i am smoking besides gc and i thought a parentin one would be a better use of my time i guess lol

    bu yea theres alota cool parents on here, but we kinda have the same thoughts on some subjects and i like hearing the other side (for example, non-smokers) as well to give me a better decision on things

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