Any other 'Vette owners? or "fast" vehicles?

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  1. Just got this thing mid-last year. My first Vette. Had to go w/ a Z06. For now just exhaust has been done. Heads/cam/blower is going to Jokerz here pretty soon, etc. Ready to hear that chop chop. Front & rear windows are 1% & full windshield is 20%.
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  2. I'll snap a photo tomorrow, but I've got a 2012 Subaru Impreza Hatchback. 148 HP. Coffee stains on seats, sand in trunk, and the body is showing it's age.

    It's lit! Looks great in white. Hauls a shit load of stuff at 28mpg. Fast!
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  3. gets you from point A to point B & there is always some weird Suby fanboys (obv don't know any better lol) that are probably like "WoW dAs GoNnA bE mY fIrSt CaR bRoOoOoO" lol - seriously, though. I do remember back in school (graduated in '08) an "acquaintance" had a WRX & he thought that was the fastest thing since the damn Space Shuttle, lol.

    Sounds like you need a TRUCK! Hell, 28mpg. Best I've gotten in this thing was 12, so far. Have a '99 F150 I bought for a hunting truck. The piece of shit 5.4 Triton kept eating COP's (coil over plugs), so I found an LQ4 (The 6.0 LS) & 4L60E and put that in it. It gets 10mpg :)

    Ford's with LS power = the only way to drive a Ford.
  4. Had a black 69 Camaro in for a long time. Had to sell it when I got married (dumb mistake on both counts).
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  5. I love me some speed.

    I'm a bike guy. Owned a few rockets but my fav is my cbr 600rr trackbike. It's smooth as butter.
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  6. My dad(step) just sold his z28 w/ an LS9 in it. Pretty car. Not as pretty as the 67 350's or shelby's period......I want to find a 57 Bel-Air, so fucking bad.
  7. you are more of a man than me. the amount of true morons on the road that don't pay attention to people riding bikes, while i'm on 4 wheels scares me......much less being on 2 wheels & having to worry about those people. fuqDat
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  8. I ride my cruiser on the streets. Too old to rip on the streets like I used to for exactly those reasons. Now I save it for the track :metal:
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    Had, (actually still have it!) a '56 VW oval sunroof bug which I installed a '65 Porsche "C" motor. Speedo went to 70 mph which I could make in 3rd gear. In 4th, I could peg the needle! Going at least (?) 100 mph! Massive understeer at that speed. Was scary.

    I also had a '53 Vette, no bumpers, nerf bars. And SS mesh headlight guards. Previous owner was installing a 283 V8 engine. Never got to drive it, my dad gave it to some wreckers while I was in USAF. Discharged & when I got home it was gone, , , ,
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  10. My next car will be a caddilac, the blackwing ct5 (or 6) with the supercharged V8.

    Currently driving a jeep wrangler ecodiesel. 310 hp and 510 tq. 26ish mpg. Fantastic vehicle. Surprises a lot of cars when I full throttle. I have double the torque of normal gas wranglers.
  11. former ctsV owner. was a v2 sedan. in the 4 digit hp club. super fun car.

    buddy of mine has the ecodiesel in his ram & it's GARBAGE. not sure what they were thinking. no bueno, in a full size truck anyway.
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  12. wow. did you tell your dad how big of an asshole/pos he was for that? we would of been literally fighting. that's some super low shit, if i've ever heard of super low shit.

    looking for a true 57 bel air. preferably black/white w/ gold trim. can't find one that's not rusted all to shit. ugh. makes me sick. i have a TT Texas Speed 427 to throw in it that I had built for my old ctsV, but the guy who bought the car wouldn't meet me at my price for the car & the engine.
  13. What was garbage about it?
    I know there's 3 gens of the ecodiesel, I have the newest one, starting in 2019 I think.

    My jeeps badass! 510 tq is incredible for a jeep lol
  14. 1B58C2C1-5C3F-41BE-B490-20DBD9097EB5.jpeg
    was in the mags with this one. 957/1715 tq
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  15. I owned a che vette once.
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  16. did that truck ever compete in UCC? or am I thinking of another one. what was the setup?
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  17. I was in Diesel power comp.
    I haven’t been to ucc yet
  18. I have an S10 with SBC swap, it's not fast yet tho.

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