Any other teachers out there?

Discussion in 'General' started by ElgaeRaw, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. I'm just curious. In my introduction post, I mentioned that I was a teacher and I got a few messages from others. Interested in how many more might be lurking.

    A couple questions for fellow educators:

    Does your school system/state drug test at all?

    Do any of your coworkers smoke?
  2. What do you teach?
  3. I'm in school right now to become a Special Education teacher.

    What subject/grade level do you teach?
  4. thats interesting, i wonder how many of my teachers smoke.
  5. I will have my degree verrrry soon! :D

    Also going for Special Ed :)
  6. I'm an art teacher. I haven't been drug tested yet, and I don't know if any of my coworkers smoke because I'm not trying to share that info with them lol and if they do I'm sure they don't want to tell me either.
  7. I teach 4th grade. My license is in K-6, and I'm working on my 4-8, so I can have the full K-8 license.

  8. how long did it take you to acconplish that, are u satisfied with the pay?
  9. I was once an Elm. Education major.

    So glad that changed. :wave:
  10. Still in school, but my major is secondary math education.

  11. I am still a HS student, bout to finish however.
    I send emails to my teachers regarding Marijuana and my desire for it to be legalized including the reasons why I want it legal. One ex cop harassed my email saying it was absolute bullshit (told to me by another teacher) and the one who told me (cause he was talking to the ex cop about it the following morning) and he didnt agree but he liked the efforts and high amounts of intelligence into it.

    My communication technology teacher and I talk about my emails and he is in a position where he can't/doesnt want to expose the fact (or opinion) that he blazes to a student as words leak and he will loose his amazing job.
    It's pretty evident he smokes cannabis and I like to talk to people about their opinions on it and if they want it or think it will be legal in the near future.

    I always wonder how many teachers smoke tobacco at my school because I never hear them talk about it nor do I see them ever.
  12. I'm considering being an English highschool teacher, and I would definately still smoke, that would be kind of badass :cool:
  13. Have you ever taught while being high

  14. All the fucking time. I never get blazed when I'm going to teach and I only smoke sativa strains for work because it definitely helps with creativity and I'm not all obviously stuffing my face with munchies and being lazy or whatever. But as long as I've got eye drops I'm all good. :cool:
  15. phd in thc son
  16. I'm in college now, but when i was in High School i had an English teacher who was about 30 or so, I know she smokes, and her boyfriend (who ended up teaching at my school the next year and taught elsewhere) also smokes and is a badass musician...
  17. Haha, one of my teachers last year got fired for smoking weed. Was a very cool guy too, was a shame.

    They came to his class, took him out, and told him he was fired and the class got a replacement teacher right away.
  18. About two years to get all of my licensing requirements plus student teaching completed. I didn't major in education in undergrad, so I completed it as a graduate program towards my masters.

    In Tennessee, the pay is alright for a single guy with no mortgage, but I definitely wouldn't turn down a sugar mama.

    No. I don't fuck around. I don't want to do anything that could in any small way jeopardize my job. Never gonna happen.

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