Any other stoners here play WoW?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bizzoo, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. anyone els on these forums play WoW hella baked?
  2. I used to, and then I woke up and realized that I had stopped enjoying the game long before and all that was left was annoyance with fellow guild members and annoyance at the mechanics of the game.

    Played for almost 4 years and I am glad that I parted ways.
  3. dude i love this game, its so fuckin additcting its insane hahaha.

    ive ben playing sence it came out, yeah i admit it when downhill after TBC came out, but im hoping the new xpac will pix what was broken.
  4. yeah i used to be addicted, ive been playing for 3 years on n off. i just recently decided that ig to bored with it again :/ i just sorta play guitar all day now :]
  5. Pre BC wow kicked so much ass.... now it's kind of lame, and getting lamer by the minute.... competitors tabard? wtf? if they just didnt fuck up the honor system for BC they wouldnt NEED that shit to keep AFKers out. (/mini rant)

    I do play more than's healthy tho, knifehits on azjol-nerub.
  6. That's the bad thing about it! It's such a time sink and you get nothing out of it! You just sit on your ass growing more and more obese and unhealthy.

    I used to play since beta until I realized what waste of time it was (no offense to the fans of the game). I used to bot my dudes and just get into PVP since that was really where the fun was. I remember watching people spend months raiding for gear, only for it to be outdated by quest greens!

    Anyways, ya I don't play anymore, but whats your class?
  7. I play a fuckton. I'm on Gnomeregan (character name is Zhin). Tier 6 warlock :D
  8. ha, i'm afk farming AB for marks right now.

    i've been playing since 2005 on and off

    i cant seem to get into any other mmo, i had big hopes for AoC but meh. i usually end up coming back to wow. the pvp's too fun
  9. Oh, I forgot to say, I play wow, but.... I'm also a DEA agent, not a stoner, my bad... That's totally why i post here.
  10. I used to play, but just recently quit. Spent a minimum of 12 hours playing, during my school year. I was able to get a 2.5 gpa, so this semester I'm hoping to get something much better than that. Played a paladin that I got gladiator twice with, and full t6. Life has been good since I quit.
  11. wow sucks i dont find the point in paying for the game at the store and thn paying every month to play.

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