Any other Romantic's out there?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Larebare, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. I miss him so much.

    I miss the things he says and the way that he says them. I miss his smile. He has a crooked smile that is so adorable. I miss kissing him and how it feels to kiss him. I miss him telling him something and him feeling the same way about me.

    Fuck. I thought smoking would make me miss him less but nope.

    Missing someone sucks.
  2. I'm a hopeless romantic. I wish more guys would be honest and down with that.
  3. must not be looking at the right guys
  4. Theyre cool with it up until the point they cheat. And then its like oh....thats so romantic of you.
  5. Gotta learn how to read people.
  6. That is an important skill, however I think most guys dont necessarily broadcast through their conversations or mannerisms that theyre a cheating douchebag all the time.
  7. Here's an easy read...

    If the guy posts once or twice a week:

    "I just want a real relationship"
    "Forever alone"

    Or one of those Drake pics with some romantic bullshit on it, 40 chicks like the status, he's a cheating douchebag.


    I dunno I used to be. Let down too many times. Not really an asshole but kinda wam bam thank you ma'am sorta persona
  8. One who reads for themselves knows
    One who reads to read is simply reading
    I'm blitzed... but that made total sense to me. :smoke:
    Anyway... everything, and I mean everything must be analyzed.
  9. Yes but sometimes it's just better to feel and hope and trust before analyzing.

    Well... After analyzing and getting positive vibes. Then you relax and let things flow.
  10. You can do that while analyzing actually. Hahaha
    Positive vibes is what to look for... yup.
    Any negative is like eyyyy... no.
  11. Dont you think that sometimes you dont need to analyze? Or do you ever think that maybe you're completely wrong in analyzing a situation?
  12. Sometimes you can just tell you mean? Nahhh... that's just biological behavior. Seriously.
    I've yet to be wrong, ever since I was 13 surprisingly. Think universal, unbiased and positive... and you'll know.

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