Any other Romantic's out there?

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  1. We have been chilling and talking a lot. It's totally all good. It feels nice.

    He's a good person. He makes me wonder why I put myself in situations where I knew the guy didn't get a fuck about me but I stuck around.

    I enjoy being around him and I know that he enjoys being around me as well.

    So much win for me at this point.
  2. Marry me lol
  3. At the moment I'm trying to figure out where I stand with a girl friend of mind. She's also who I prefer to go through to get my weekly herb, so I don't want to screw things up. And it rarely that I actually don't mind a girl that I don't just want to sleep with....
  4. I'm not sure if you read back but we've been friends for about 8 years now and we finally named a mutual move. It was a little bit easier for us though because we have both been attracted to each other since we met. We just weren't ever single at the same time.

    I would say just take things slowly. Hint that you have feelings for her but I've noticed that if you let your feelings just pour out, things can get overwhelming for the other person.

    Do something nice for her that she wouldn't expect. Compliment her hair or shirt or something but keep it light.

    I can't say that I've ever been a fan of playing games but GC has taught me that a bit of mystery is a good thing in early relationships.
  5. We work, get on and smoke together and we have shit in common. I find It hard to tell if a girls even into me, so I like to tread carefully. When Ted came out all our friends and coworkers had seen it, we hadn't. She asked me to see it with her, saw it blazed, great movie, later on talking to people at work they were sayin it was a date but it was never labeled as one by either of us... at least I don't think it was
  6. I guess I am I feel like a real life Ted Mosby
  7. Rather than buy my ex-gf flowers all the time, I wrote long ass poems to her. And they were good poems!

    One time, on our first anniversary (we dated four years), I wrote a poem, printed it out and pasted it to construction paper. Then I bought a ring for her, tied a string through the construction paper and had the ring hang right over the poem. She loved it.

    Chivalry isn't dead !!!

  8. post one of the poems on the thread!
  9. Im a romantic in like a Bonnie and Clyde or Natural born killers sense. I think that shit is romantic as hell. 2 people who are in love with each other against the world that some romantic stuff right there.
  10. I am totally this way, I would die for the people I love man. I have gone out on a limb only to fall off but you get back up that tree metaphorically speaking.
  11. Idk Im not really into all that because I feel like the kind of woman I want is someone who wants more equality in a relationship, not someone coddling them and bombarding them with cliches to try and get pussy how they see dudes do it in TV and movies
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    I'm a modern day romantic.
    I like to keep it balanced but I'm still a gentleman no matter what.

    Hello there my lady, I bought you a bouquet of the most beautiful flowers to ever exist. May you please bend over and stick it up your ass?

  13. I agree, it should be equal. Romanticism is more about both people in the relationship and not just about the guy (buying and doing things for the girl) I think it's more about the acts they do for each other and truly expressing appreciation in creative ways that make each other feel more attracted to each other.
  14. Guilty. I asked my last crush what her favorite color was when we were cuddling over the summer, but she said three different colors. Soon after I had some time off and I rode around my neighborhood until I found flowers of each color. I dropped in where she works by surprise and hid the flowers in my helmet. When I showed her she lit up so pretty. She never saw it coming. :devious:

    She got some pollen on her nose from smelling one and it was the cutest sight ever. I haven't really felt that way since that day, but if I get the inspiration I'm liable to wax corny.
  15. I wish I could find a romantic guy.
  16. Dizzam. This is sweet. I like that.
  17. What really gets to me is that I feel like I will never find a woman that I can have a serious relationship with. I've never found someone that I can have deep conversations with... spend a day alone and take care of, surprise her with plans and make her dinner, go star gazing... you know, slow down and really 'smell the flowers'. I've gotten weird responses in the past when I've called to say I'm thinking of them which hurts! When it comes to the bedroom I've also never found a woman that will let me appreiate their body which is really unfulfilling to me. I don't go out too much and with the thought of that special person being the same way, it seems like the chances of meeting them are slim to none. I know your out there we will probably never cross paths. end rant / :eek:

  18. You don't have to tell me
    I know,
    I know it's only been an hour.
    Sometimes I just want to live it
    Over and over again.
    The beating continues
    At the sound of sweetness
    Only growing stronger every minute.
    Sorry, I just can't help it.
    Some things are out of my hands.
    The night is young
    And so are we, at least
    We like to think so.
    The road less traveled
    Is less traveled for a reason
    And everything happens for a reason.
    I wish I knew why;
    Some things are just better left unsaid.
    Pour it all out, all of it.
    I'm only human.
    My eyes burn like the sun
    And yearn for the touch.
    I hope it's real,
    Hope is a beautiful thing.
    Not the greatest though.
    Time can drive a man insane
    So why not waste away together.
    I see no other way
    At least not in this moment.
    For all good things come to an end.
    Don't worry, this is only the beginning,
    And I couldn't ask for anything more.
  19. mix.

    i'm a sucker for cheesy poems/letters/actions because i love love love being chased.
    i especially love it when guys tell me a song that makes them think of me. if a guy wrote me a song i think i'd just die.
    i've never been on like a classy dinner date, but i wouldn't want to go on one as a first date because it seems eh. i love adventurous dates or lounge/get high/watch a movie type dates.

    and then i'm the horny hey-let's-just-fuck type too
  20. Last night I was thinking, everyone knows that things like this happen. People meet and mutual feelings develop. You kiss someone and every time you feel like you're suspended in the air. So, why couldn't this happen to me, right?

    It's nice to be on the same wavelength with someone. To tell someone that you like them a lot and they reply, 'I'm pretty much down with everything about you. There isn't one thing that I don't like.'

    It's nice to be able to have feelings for someone who is capable of having a healthy relationship. No more or this emotionally unavailable bullshit that I was somehow seeking out over and over again.

    He's a genuine awesome, fucking amazing person who I am extremely fucking (for lack of a better word,) blessed that he's in my life.

    Goooooodness. I attribute it all to the powers of positive thinking and being open minded about situations.

    It's about being open to whatever happens. I had to give up my expectations of what the perfect guy was or what the perfect conversation was. I had to realize that sometimes people don't do or say exactly what you want them to do or say but it doesn't mean that they don't care about you.

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