Any other Romantic's out there?

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  1. Without over thinking every aspect of our time together, I will say that it was really awesome. He's really sweet and gentle and caring. He's the definition of a good guy.

    I don't know what to think of everything so I'm just gonna enjoy living in the moment and not over thinking it all.

  2. Glad you had a good time :p
  3. I'm beaming right now.
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    I'm glad you had a good time, I think a big problem for girls is they over think the date/ experience w/e and they TRY and find something wrong with it. That was the case with my ex. If you had a good time then genuinely enjoy it for what it is and don't pick at it. Lol who knows you might like what ensues
  5. True shit. We always have an expectation of what we want but who know if that truly will fulfill is like we thought it would. That thought was a game changer for me.
  6. good luck finding her OP
  7. I'm too horny to be a romantic. I usually just end up being a manipulative conversationalist until I forget that I want to hook up or she comes on to me. So basically I never get any.
  8. Props OP. I know how you feel, where I live everything is about parties and quick hook ups with the hottest person. I'm not a hopeless romantic though and this stuff can be fun. However it does the limit the amount of people looking for a genuine connection. Never really had a serious girlfriend so the pursuit of a fast lay has worn thin. I consider myself a good guy, I'm not overly nice but I know how to treat a lady nice. I second what my buddy always say "You can be A nice guy, just don't be THE nice guy." Really all I can do is remember that and just hope I can meet someone cool. Basically, keep on truckin' OP.
  9. Answer to the OP - Yup :p

    Closet romantic!

  10. Good quote to stick by, i'll keep this in mind man.

    Thanks :smoking:

  11. Good to hear there are still some of us out there that are passionate about romanticism. :D
  12. I've taken many dating test and stuff and they say I'm a hopeless romantic. I do daydream about meeting someone, romantic love making, spending time cuddling and being physical, dates, the whole sha-bang.

    I've also read that hopeless romantics expect what you can't get out of a relationship. Like being unrealistic? Honestly I wish I wasn't a hopeless romantic. It just doesn't seem to work.
  13. Truly hopeless...
  14. Is it lowering your standards to accept love from someone who isn't exactly what you're looking for? Or is it just growing up and realizing that maybe you don't know everything and someone who seems perfect just might not be.

    We are always trying to fit people into our molds of perfection instead of being flexible and accepting that things/people/courses change.

    I don't know. It's helped me leave some things in the past by playing with that train of thought.
  15. I think it does help to have a set image in mind, but it's important to let things unfold as they may. Searching far and wide makes people miss out on what's in front of them. Love is amazing, but it's hard to search for something that most people know very little about. I think it is best to look, but remain open to whatever events may unfold.
  16. I'm somewhat the same, I'm a horny hopeless romantic. I get caught up in conversations and don't even notice if a girls hitting on me or not. I seriously can't tell these days
  17. I'm never not horny and I'm romantic as fuck. So yeah. :)
  18. Who isn't always horny? Even if I'm dead tires as shit sex will wake me up and I'll want to go for a run or something
  19. I was very right to follow my gut with this one.
  20. What's happened

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