Any other Romantic's out there?

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  1. Hopeless romantic reporting in. Slowly I hope to learn to become heartless to better mesh with today's filth.
  2. I have a vision of love and I think it's fucking up my standards when it comes to men. I wish I could come down to earth a little more and open myself up to more than I am allowing now. Love doesn't fit in this perfect shiny box that I use as a mold for men and relationships.

    That being said, bring it on. I want a man who I can bake cookies for and love on.

  3. I used to have a vision for love, then I realized that, that in itself is what held me back from relationships. Until, of course, I stepped down from that vision and let things happen as they please. Subsequently, ample amounts of doors began to open once I set my expectations down. Because once you remove labels and limits from it, it will be free to flow naturally and take its course.

    Also, why the hell would guys not want cookies being baked for them, and to be loved on? Lol that's just odd to me.. :laughing:
  4. You poor guys, wish you luck soon, love is amazing.
  5. ^ You're right, it is amazing :smoking:

  6. Because sometimes it makes you feel guilty?

    I have the hardest time accepting affection/love/help really from anyone...always feel like a guilty piece of shit.

  7. I can understand what you mean, because I've thought and felt the same thing. However, you have to know that you're giving back as well. Each person can offer different things in a relationship, or a friendship, so just offer what you do best, or what you enjoy doing :smoking:

    I don't know, I think it depends on the type of person as well, and what that said person has gone through, which will dramatically change their judgement on this kind of stuff. Also, just say that your partner gave you something incredible, to the point of where you could never repay them.. That would feel damn shitty.
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    Found this thread .:wave: hippiechick you in TN? Ps: I have a nice 1/4 beard if its any count. :bongin:
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    Oh all true...and you know in my head I know it's ok for someone to be nice to me, but my "gut instinct" is to turn around and bite the hand that feeds so to speak. Later when I realize I was an atomic prick to someone who was trying to be good to me for once I just.....

    See shit like that I don't accept, and it usually ruins would kill me to accept something on that level.
  10. not my cup of tea tbh.
  11. Reporting for duty.

    Bit of a mixed blessing though, always been part of my character but more often than not can ruin shit.

    The last few years I've started to repress feelings and just drifted by in life.

    I find I've become more casual in relationships and haven't found any real satisfaction since.

    I love to love, mayn.
  12. That's amazing, OP, never let go of that. You'll make the best bf.
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    I would be into just watching some walking dead/ play cod or listen to knife party and smoke some full melt and cuddle with a girl. I miss it :/ kisses are amazing
  14. I'm talking to a guy. We've been friends for about 8 years. We've had a thing for each other throughout high school but he was always dating someone. Anyway, we hung out this weekend and hooked up for the first time and it made me really intrigued to get to know him on a deeper level.

    I don't necessarily want to date him. I just think that it would be awesome to get closer to him.

    Luckily he's a sweetheart so it hasnt been weird and hes been very receptive to talking with me. I just have to try and stay away from wanting to be involved with him.

    That being said, I wonder if I'm kidding myself.
  15. I'm not into the sappy shit. I mean, I am but it has to be appropriate.

    Had my boyfriend written me a poem or something to that effect I would've backed away....

    But I love when he writes me songs and brings me home a nutrageous or a movie.

    I'm not really into corny shit.
  16. Hopeless romantics unite?

    I'm the type of guy who buy flowers, writes love songs, plans dates. I get crazy head over heels for the girl I'm with, and I like to show it. I love being in love. :love:
  17. What's, uh, going on in here?
  18. I'm romantic, but definitely not in a way that puts a woman on a pedestal.
  19. I am a lonely and hopeless romantic too introverted to find a partner. I have looked long and hard and no one has ever stepped in and shown any potential.

    I know, however, that once I find her, I will know she is the one. I want to find a girl I can share everything with and treat perfectly, because I know its what she deserves. I want to share my experience with somebody and let them become a part of my life, something I haven't truly done until this point. My standards aren't high, just specific.

    I want a companion.

    But for now I'm just a pathetic stoner on the internet.
  20. You define a woman taking on the male role.

    I mean what happened to the delicate flowers, the delicate wine glass?

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