Any other non-smokers?

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  1. I've already posted my introduction thread here, but I thought this forum would be a good place to ask about this.

    I'm new to cannabis, and I will be getting high my first time with edibles, not by smoking. I don't like the idea of inhaling smoke, regardless of what kind it is, so I'm planning to stay with edibles and possibly vaporizers (after I do some more research). Is there anyone else around who indulges in cannabis but abstains from smoking? Any advice for a newbie?
  2. the last time i got high it was via edibles(first time) and it really made me think about smoking again. the problem with edibles for me is i dont know how much to eat(i dont like getting shit faced stoned) and i have to cook it all myself.

    i think this thread should be somewhere else...there is a edible herb section:cool:
  3. Hmm... Was your experience unpleasant, then? My friend is making the brownie for me. =) I'm going to try to calculate roughly how much I should eat to get appropriately high, but since it's my first time, it will be something of a guessing game.

    And I wasn't entirely sure where to post this, but I don't think it belongs in the edibles section since I'm talking about all alternatives to smoking.
  4. I find it so weird whenever people who haven't even gotten high join the forums :p It's just strange

  5. I ate half of a serving and was high as 10 Indians on bingo night. If I ate the whole thing it would of been to much and I would of had some anxiety problems. The high for me was different compared to smoking. A lot more of a body high with laziness. If I were you and this being your first time eat 1/4-1/2 of it. It took me 30 minutes to feel it(matters on your metabolism) After 30 if your not groovin eat some more. I would hate for your first time to be way to much and not enjoy it.

  6. LOL that's my new sig :D
  7. I applaud your care of your own lungs! While I am a long time smoker, I sure do wish I had been vaping all my life! Edibles are awesome and longer lasting.


  8. hahahahhahahaha
  9. You. Are. Going. To. Ruin. Your. Own. High. Take a rip from a vape. Sit back and relax. If you have so many preconceptions of what's going to happen you could wrk yourself into a frenzy. It's not going to kill you or change who you are.

  10. This is good advice.

    Whenever you do get high, don't over think.
    Just relax. And expectations aren't worth having. Remain calm and chill you'll enjoy yourself most definitely.
  11. Honestly, even if you do have a bad experience, you'll try it again. Trust me. My first few experiences were so bad that I told myself I'd never smoke again when I came down. Yet here I sit, stoned. Anyway, I'm sure you won't regret it, lol.
  12. I appreciate the advice, but I think you're getting the wrong impression. I have a few ideas of what to expect, but I'm completely open to the experience and I'm looking forward to it. I'm not at all nervous or anxious, I'm just waiting for it to happen. :)

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