Any other insomniacs out there?

Discussion in 'General' started by JollyRoger227, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. It's 2 am here, so who else on the city is still up? :p
  2. Awake!
  3. yeah i am. altho its 6.10pm so i dont see why i shouldnt be :D
  4. lol ah yes time zone differences, it just kinda looked dead on the city, I assumed everyone was napping :p
  5. There's never anything good on TV at this hour.. I hate it :(

    Even sleeping pills aren't making me tired
  6. only like 11:30 now, but yeah I'm often up WAY later than i'd like to be.
  7. yup, i work third shift so im working right now. about to go out to my car and smoke a bowl
  8. I always am, I was up till like 6 am the other day, normally I just lay down and watch TV when I'm suppost to be sleeping, never really tired though, strange
  9. you have a PC at work? niiice :D Have fun with that bowl, I may get to blaze tomorrow
  10. Damn. It's only 11:25 here. I can't stay up worth shit. If I make it to 1AM I'm stoked!
  11. lol damn, I've always been a night owl, I can go days without sleeping and function normally :D
  12. Yeah .. I am always up. Usually till like 4am haha. Get up at 10 usually unless I have no class just sleep till 1 or so.
  13. Yeah always have a hard time sleeping at night, co clue why always slept better during the day. It's the 3rd week on my new job working midnights last job was midnights too so atleast that part kinda fits together.

    Kinda lost my train of thought and forgot what i was going for there lol.
  14. yea jolly, im the same way, i can get 3 or 4 hours of sleep a week and be fine.
  15. yup, if I sleep it's like from 5 am to 8 am and then I'm up and getting ready for school :p
  16. Checking in.. just getting ready to pack a bowl and play with some numbers.. im working out the finals of my car loan.. I should have finished it up tonight however we couldnt quite agree on terms before they closed, so i drove the car home and told them id be back in the morning.
  17. graveyard shift sucks, I did it ONCE at this gas station I used to work at, neeeeever again :p
  18. Days!? Are you serious?

    ...Kinda crazy....
  19. dude, graveyard shift is really the best shift.
  20. perhaps at other jobs, but I don't like my life being threatened by an obnoxious old man who's demanding coffee from the back of the line at 4 am.. ug. I just hated that job in general though :p

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