Any other hunters out there?

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by shotguner243, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. If so we can talk about our hunting trips, :smoke:
  2. I only hunt humans

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  3. I just started my dogs on there first bird season! My first time training bird dogs to so its my first season with dogs. I love it there so into it and I can't believe how good they are with vary little training. Way more birds and I uasully hunt alone so there good company for me to. Ones a young Chesapeake and the others a healer German Shepard cross.
  4. He'll yeah I'd like to get an elk one of theese days with a bow

  5. I hear great things about elk hunting with a bow! Allot peaple won't even go back to rifle hunting after they stick somthing big with a bow. I don't have a bow and never stuck anything with one, but I'd love to try. I shot a nice 5-6 elk two years ago at 560yards with a 270!! I missed my first shot and he just kinda started walking off. Then I shot him in the butt and he just stood there so I shot again and got him in the head! Wild ass shooting for sure, but after cuttin him open we found he had been shot previously by a bow and he was only runnin on one lung with really bad infection. Some times i think I'd have never got an elk if it wasn't a half dead one who couldn't run!

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