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Any other blades feel the same way?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by angusnaut, May 10, 2010.

  1. I feel like I am the only one out of my friends who really appreciates, and respects the herb. All they like to do is get "fucked up" which to me its not about how stoned I can get. I use cannabis to keep me calm and stress free, and to get a good nights sleep. My friends just sit around smoking bowl after bowl all day everyday. I just feel like they don't really respect it. I'm the only one out of my friends to exclusively smoke sinsemilla and the only one who has a good job and seems to be getting anywhere in life. Do any other blades feel they are the only one of their friends who really care and repect their greenery?
  2. I know a lot of people like that.
    But the people and person I smoke with is on my level :cool:
  3. I don't feel like any of my friends are even close to my level. In fact I rarely go chill with them these days cause all they do is sit around literally. They just get so stoned that they just sit. I like to smoke a little then go do something, something productive preferably.
  4. Most of my friends are and/or were a dealer so they know what they're talking about. They might not be on my level of knowledge but they know enough to get by and the rest is up to me.
  5. I know exactly what you mean. 95% of the smokers around here are like that.

    I like to smoke on the go. Something Sativa, and dank.
  6. For sure feel the same way. I get sick of zoning out, just playing xbox for hours, or listening to music. Yeah I like to do that time to time, but I'd rather smoke a bowl by myself over a long period of time and do dishes, laundry, ect, or go for a longboard ride or something. I like to not be just glazed over not functioning.

  7. EXACTLY!!! I don't get it. I mean my friends are well, my friends, and I'll be there for them. But I mean they don't do anything fun anymore. I guess maybe its just time to move on?
  8. yea, i definitely don't enjoy smoking with the people of that mentality. i first used to think that basically everyone who smoked was chill, then i saw how many people use it to try to "get fucked up" and have nothing interesting to bring to a session.

    however, lately i do feel like a lot of my friends who smoke a lot don't take the time to appreciate being high anymore. it seems like for them it's just something they do, whereas i'm always interested in the kind of high i'm getting and that kind of stuff. maybe i just have more overbearing highs than them, but it just seems like they forgot how to truly enjoy it.
  9. I have "friends" I smoke with that dont even know what a bowl, eighth,dugout, or spoon is.

    They are ignorant when it comes to weed, thats why I smoke alone now. What pisses me off is this one guy that always call joints "blunts". Even though Im not the smartest smoker, I try to at least know something about what im consuming.
  10. I only smoke with people who are in the same kind of mood as I am. If I want to just smoke up and chill and watch movies, I go hang out with those guys. If I wanna smoke up and go exploring caves/whatever, I go hang out with those people.

  11. im not the only one of my friends
    one of two maybe
    but yea the rest are all idiots who just do it for the high they dont even know wat they are actually doing to themselves.
    some of them dont even know weed isnt bad for you (i think they think that makes it cool or something idk) but they are idiots
  12. Totally. One time we got high, and I wanted to go out and walk around, and none of them wanted to, so we ended up sitting and watching tv for like 2 hours. I ended up zoning out. It was still fun, but not the kind of fun I was looking for, y'know? :D
  13. i usually only smoke by myself these days. And when i do its after ive completed all my obligations so i can just chill and not have to worry about not being productive lol. im not the kind of guy to smoke and do the dishes or complete homework or study
  14. I remember back in the day when I first started smoking all I wanted to do was just sit and get stoned. But while smoking for 9 years(since I was about 12) I like to smoke and be productive. When I would just sit there getting stoned day after day I started to feel like I was wasting my life away doing nothing. I still smoke everyday but I like to go out and do things and have fun with life. Plenty of people I know still don't do anything with there lives and just sit at home all day. Gotta go out and be productive!!
  15. i usually just smoke by myself or with 1-2 other people nowadays

    but many of my friends who i smoke with are far from ignorant about the herb. we all grow/grew and have been tokin for a while

    dont judge em drop some knowledge on em
  16. I used to smoke all day everyday with a huge group of friends, then slowly but surely the herd started to fade, some friends got into X and such and lost touch with the soul of the herb. Others just started to take advantage of the herb, only smoking to get "fucked up".

    It really sucks man, i've been on probation for the last ten months and havent been able to smoke and am finally getting off on June 3rd and at this point the whole group is just in ruins.

    The times are changin, and im missin the old days.
  17. it sucks. Its not that my friends are stupid, or ignorant. Its just they totally dont respect the bud they just do it to get fucked up as I said. I'm glad I'm not the only one with such problem though.
  18. I guess you could say i go both ways;) theres a time to relax and get a good sleep, a time to be productive, and a time to get a little wild and slit eyed, just depends on the day. But IMO you cant really judge whether someone respects the herb or not by the amount they smoke, and what they do with there time. Nobody really knows whats going on in somone elses head.

    Smoke Freely Blades,

    Knee deep
  19. I feel ya man! :)
  20. People tend to not understand what they have until it is gone. Tell them to think about what they would seriously do if they couldn't smoke. That might help them respect it more because they will realize how much it has done for them.

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