Any Oregon Tokers Out There???

Discussion in 'General' started by mtbguy33, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Hey guys this is my first post on this forum. My question is if there are any headshops that people can reccomend in the Corvallis, Eugene, or Portland area. I am looking for one that possibly does custom work. If anyone knows one elsewhere in Oregon, I am willing to drive. Thanks guys and I look forward to using this forum.
  2. wow, i skimmed over the thread like 5 times, and i was thinking, why in the FUCK would there be any oregano tokers on here. haha haa
    Welcome to the CITY man.
  3. In the eugene area, my favorite headshops are Midtown Pipe and Tobacco (13th and Oak) and Honky Dory (7th And Lincoln). I usually buy any expensive glass from midtown, and any cheap one hitter spoons from honky dory.
  4. Thanks a lot for the info!
  5. I woulda been an Oregon toker as of next year, but Colorado accpeted me so good luck finding other blades in the O man.
  6. Aww skeet skeet skeet! In Corvallis there are two head shops, and one other shop that sells a few pipes.

    Paradise Waits
    1110 NW Van Buren Ave, Corvallis, OR
    (541) 738-2998

    ^^ Overpriced for the most part, although they have a selection of hippie clothes, unlike the other store in Corvallis. Good location, next door to a pipe/cigar/tobbaco shop and across the street from the "Orange Beer Store". I don't know the real name, it's just big, orange, and sells a TON of beer/wine. I don't go here much, used to be the only shop in town, until the following arrived...

    Bad Habits
    110 NW 15th St, Corvallis, OR(On Campus next to Circle K. Off of the street that has Interzone, Dominos, Local Boys, and Pita Pit, just to name a few)
    (541) 754-6055

    ^^ My store of choice, prices are more reasonable(usually), they have a decent supply of bulk tobbaco, not as good as the store next to Paradise Waits, but good enough.(I don't smoke anymore so I don't care anyway. =P) They also sell Salvia extract, I believe 5x, 10x, and 20x. Very friendly, but smaller then Paradise Waits, although they use all their space on glass, rather then only ~30-40% of the store for glass like Paradise. If you're looking for expensive very detailed glass, then I'd probably say Paradise would be a better choice, but for reasonable priced glass that is still nice, Bad Habits is the spot.

    Last spot is....

    Northern Star Co
    124 SW 3rd St, Corvallis, OR(Main road through downtown, usually has hippie clothes outside the door so it's pretty obvious to spot.)
    (541) 757-1929

    ^^ Doesn't have near the selection of the other two spots, only has a small case mounted on a wall behind the back counter with maybe 15 pipes, no bongs. Definately not the place to shop, but it's there.

    Can't help you with Portland or Eugene, but Corvallis I got on lockdown! I'm sure if you asked the people working at either Paradise or Bad Habits about a custom piece they might be able to link you up with a glass blower. If you're in Corvallis, I might be able to show you a big selection of pieces a person I know has that he blew and would get rid of, I might even be able to get a custom piece made for you by him. Just PM me if interested.
  7. prolly way late, but Portland Hawthorn district has MAD headshops. great prices too. my fav in Ptown is Smokin' Glass its awesome.
  8. well i knw of one in medford called the magic man.............decent prices and also decent glass.
  9. Bad Habits in Corvallis is my shop of choice, they hook me up all of the time, throwing in free shit or lowering prices, just because i shop there a lot :)

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