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  1. image.jpeg image.jpeg Okay so my baby is a clone from my fathers green crack mama. She looks a little small and is starting to yellow. The clone is about 5 weeks old and was put into the dirt about 2&1/2 weeks ago. Not sure why she is yellow, ph is fine, not sure about water but I don't think she's over watered. What could be wrong?

    Btw I have 3 CFL bulbs about 3-

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  2. Oops, the 3 CFL bulbs are 3-4 inches away
  3. bulbs too close burning your plant man.
  4. Okay I'll pull them up a bit, thank you!
  5. Might want to add maybe two bulbs also. Plants can be very touchy. Whats you watering schedule? You giving your plant any food?
  6. well I'm not giving any nutrients yet too early. All I'm giving her is root developer. But I think lighting is alright I'm saving up to get a t5 setup
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  7. I don't think that's a light issue... I've had a 60 watt practically 2" from seedlings. Looks like it might be yellowing from the bottom up, no? Do you let the soil completely dry before you water again? How was it rooted? If at all?

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  8. Does your soil have fertilizer in? Give it somthin to munch on. water, light, nitrogen, potassium, phosphate
  9. No slamva fertilizer with nutrients already in it are a bad idea because you can't control the balance or amount. And really it is too early to blast with chemicals it will shock auch a young plant.
  10. But carter, it was rooted in a clone box and then transplanted to soil. I don't let it completely dry so it crumbles but I do let it get dry to the touch.
  11. It appears to me that while you may not be over watering, the soil may not be draining well. At least from here the soil looks like it might be dense and this wont allow sufficient oxygen to penetrate the root zone.

    You should be just fine with your CFL's a few inches away from the plant. I've never seen that be a problem before.

    What type of soil are you growing in? Your issue is definitely in the soil. There's plenty of light with the CFL's at this stage which only leaves the soil as the culprit.

    I think you need better, well aerated soil. You might be able to simply add some aeration to your soil but I'd like to know what type of soil the plants are growing in.

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  12. She is set in pro mix bx it's a professional soil. And has been the only soil my father has used for years. However I feel like you may be right about the airation. So I tried to poke various holes throughout the soil. Hopefully this will help!
  13. Yeah I think Jerry was on point, as usual.
    I would let it dry out completely before your next water. Roots grow in response to lack of water and or nutrients, so letting it dry out a bit before you water won't hurt in my opinion.

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  14. I will definitely try that. Thanks guys
  15. Pro Mix BX is not a soil. It is Sphagnum Peat with a small amount of perlite to help with drainage, a shot of lime to help counter the acidic properties of the peat and has an added surfactant to help the peat stay moist - that's it.

    There is zero nutrition of any sort in this potting medium.


    Edit: the next time you do water I would add whatever nutrients you plan on using at half strength.

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  16. Well I was already planning on adding nutrients shortly. But that's the point of using the promix bx, you don't want all of the unnecessary nutrients going into your plant at all, let alone a young plant. May shock or kill your plant if you use the wrong soil, sometimes your product won't be good quality and will taste very Chemy and will just all around be shit. The promix eliminates this by forcing you to put the nutrients in yourself and allows you to control how much. And yes too many nutrients can be a very bad thing.
  17. You being an "organic" farmer should know this.
  18. Good luck!

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