Any online headshops that accept paypal??

Discussion in 'General' started by HalfBaked1, May 7, 2008.

  1. I know its against the rules here at GC but I really want to buy my first real peice online using paypal

    If anyone could pm me any with sites you know of i would deeply appreciate it :)

    StAy HiGh
  2. If you know it's against the rules then why post it??? And why tell everyone that you know that you're deliberately breaking the rules???
  3. ok dude chill out.... I'm asking people to privatly message them to me (pm), not blatently dissrespect gc by saying them right out
  4. Lmao... My question as well; however, I was also wondering - why the hell do you want to buy your first real piece online? Sounds pretty sketch unless you found something very specific that you wanted on what, to your best guess, to be a legitimate site.
  5. acaully yes I did find something specific.... Looking for a stealth pipe, something that folds maybe... if gc took paypal I'd buy it here but they don't
  6. you wont find any online head shops that use paypal.

    If im wrong ill give you a dollar
  7. Go to a store that sells prepaid credit cards. Use that to order what you want. It works just like a credit card so I you shouldn't have any problems. Then just use whatever the balance is on the card anywhere you want.
  8. Nah... Stoner theory: Thats a bad idea because its a good idea.
    In other words - QFT.
  9. or what you can do is this, i'm pretty sure you can get a paypal debit card that uses your paypal account almost like a bank account, and order with that, plus if you have money on paypal n ur ever broke u can use the debit card to buys hit

  10. can you buy these if you are under 18? I'm 17 and have need a credit card to use online to buy a RooR.
  11. ...Dude, seriously?

    Also, old thread! I haven't seen neg's avatar in a loong time!
  12. I think he meant the fact that you just posted that you're 17. You gotta be 18 to be using these boards :rolleyes:
  13. I smell someone getting banned.
  14. :wave:
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    thats funny cause i smell fecal matter...i think i sharted :( :p

    edit: I miss neg, i wish i knew what happend to him.
  16. seems he was banned. :( :confused_2:
  17. Yup slapped with the banstick! Seems he was not a fan of a certain religion.

  18. well yea but why he was banned, i wish they had somthing were it showed all the banned members and their ban status like [2 week ban, or permanent ban] and why like [racism, or disrespect] that way we know why and not just wonder were out good friends have gone.
  19. They don't just give those to anyone though...

    I know he's banned, just wanted to add that.
  20. why do y'all gotta quote his post... saying his age?

    Like do you really give a fuck about less than one year age difference? Why not either contribute to the thread or not respond? Dick move imo.

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