Any one use sprint?...

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  1. Im trying to get that HTC Evo 3D for $79.99/month, no advertising intended... Srsly tho, fucking amaxing nobrainer deal compared to att, foreal my iphone sucks compared to the other companies competion...,ex the HTC Evo and not to
    mention the motorola xoom, they're [Motorola] from back in the day and they showed apple up, just like nintendo, but they deffinitly stole the 3D idea from the nintendo 3DS, heard they're about to put there app store on the ds or sumhin idk but what do you guys think about the HTC 3D, i think its a pretty sweet phone imo...
  2. Well I have the evo and from the two-dimensional standpoint I would say one of the best phones out. However the GUI does occasionally glitch and whatnot. As far as hardware wise, spectacular device.:smoke:
  3. the 3D seems kind of overkill..
  4. Nah, watch they're gonna make to the tenthnpower$$$ with 3d porn
  5. Photon 4g>Evo 3d

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