Any one up for talking?

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  1. I'm feeling kinda down.
  2. I'm in a good mood, but not doing much at the moment other than listening to music and browsing grasscity. PM me if you want my AIM/MSN/whatever.
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    This morning my girl calls me hysteric telling me she wants to get back together i say yes, talk to her for a while and rite aid calls saying i need to pick up my grandmothers meds i walk to my buddy house and barrow his car, pick up the meds and decide to go to Winco for some snacks and dinner on the way out some lady slams into my buddy's car destroying the left side, mind you this is a brand new BMW and he does not have insurance for friends and i just totaled his car, and this bitch took pictures of me so his insurance will not pay now, he has to pay out of pocket and likely wont get his ride fixed i get home five hours later and my dad tells me my grandmother fell and broke her leg becuse i wasn't watching her. I then pick up my phone that i left on my bed (thats really just a two person sofa) and my girl has texted me that she changed her mind
  4. ^ wait, some lady slammed into you and you're taking the fall for it? was it your fault?
  5. No, i had the right of way she was all way at the other end of the isle and floored it god knows why.
  6. Make the bitch pay, then? :confused:
  7. you're shitting me.

    there is a god!
  8. Not my deal man, his car. But his rates are gonna go wild.
  9. that sucks man. you should do something about that lady, maybe. but anyway, hope shit gets better for ya.:smoking:

    on a slightly off topic issue, this thread made me remember that guy who always posted about his gf and shit lolololol.
  10. Really? Thats kinda lame.

    Your icon still wireds me out
  11. ^^ what guy was that? I swear i'm beginning to be like that, all I really want to talk about is her..and she aint even my girlfriend.hah.
  12. ahahah yeah i bet dude. he's one freaky guy.
  13. He looks kinda like some real world bizzaro shaggy.
  14. lol idk what the hell that is man
  15. Look up bizzaro on Google.
  16. oh the weird super man guy, ok lol.
  17. Not to get off the bizarro chat, but you may luck out on the car. You need to look into the California uninsured/underinsured laws.

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