Any One Tried Golf Course Grade Fert.?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Budweiser, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Soooo i was wondering, does anyone on here have any experince growing with golf course grade fert.? Obviously the reason i ask is b/c i have acess to the stuff and wanted to know what the results could be like. I would assume you could produce a monsterously dank plant if done right with the right seeds.
  2. Many growers here use or will soon be using organic ferts for better taste; Is the fert you have organic?
  3. Golf course fert? that stuff is NAAASTY bro keep it organic is the only way to grow if you wanna be smoking the sticky icky
  4. this has gotta be a joke one cannot be this stupid..
  5. Golf course fert only grows grass. (No, not that grass!!)
  6. My guess is that it would either nute burn your plants or make your buds taste terrible.
  7. we have a decent amount of organic stuff, granular and liquid. Some of the shit i know not to use but unless you have direct expirence with the stuff then i'd doubt you have a clue about it. As for the dude that says its for grass only, ive seen a bed of petunias have part of a greens program applied to it and they exploded- did and looked wayyy better than any of the other beds. As for burning them- it could be expected to happen if your an idiot but as long as you keep your rates low, they'll be fine.
  8. hey man nice Name drinkin on them right now bout to order a pizza (got beer munchies)

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