ANY one Stoned AT the Moment???????

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Tye83, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. Well i jus relized how high i was so i jus smoked a blunt laced wit yellow tussnex and i wanted to take a shower from some odd reason i guess i needed to shave i keep all my razors n shaving cream in the shower so i got in the shower jus like any other day and then i reach for my shaving cream and accidently picked up my sisters nair hair remover and shaved with it now im goin to be bare face for a long time
  2. ahh im currntly wake and baken ritght at this very second! weeee i love weed!
  3. I just smoked a couple good bowls of kush. Feeling good BUT i got work in like 10 Mins =[ Gotta Do What A Toi Gotta Do =D
  4. im smoking a newport right now and jus got smoking that blunt and now ima hit the bong a few time wit white widow
  5. stoned eating waffle fries.
  6. i just toked a couple fat bowls of some good weed...this weed was like a month old, story and a couple buddies were wake and baken, so when we went back to one of my friends house to roll a couple spliffs...we gave him his hq bag back and he was like 'oh, i got like a twan left'. so we go out to blaze, come back in and hes like...'yo i lost my weed'...only found it today, it was still pretty good:smoking:
  7. ... stoned watching Pulp Fiction.
  8. Not stoned right now, but I just got back from seeing V for Vendetta and i'm about to shower n' toke.
  9. I smoked a fat bowl of dank bout 30 min ago so ya I'm pretty blazed :smoking:
  10. i can be sotned for ahwile im getitn tested on the 23rd
  11. good man
  12. yes, i am. Dr. Pepper and two fat bowls.
  13. perfect time to ask this question. i just blazed my first bowl of starwberry couff, i undersdtand the name now,...
  14. I smoked about a half bowl, and still have the rest left. I'm pretty high and drunk off some Captains and Coke right now though, it's a good feeling.

  15. oooo mannn im tripping out....i just smoke a fat J of purp im taking hits from a bong....mmmm soo smooth
  16. i wish i was stoned but hey i made up for not being stoned today last night jeez i think that was the first time i actually got retarded stoned lol
  17. dude me n my cuzz went shroom pickin today perfect day down we gotta bout 75 i jus drank a glass of shroom kool-aide and fisin to pop bout 4 shrooms n take a xanax and then smoke a bowl ima be trippin
  18. Damn Tye, sounds like you got a lot on your plate. Enjoy that shit.

  19. You have mars volta in your sig (username too), good man. Been to any shows?

  20. im blazed as fuck.
    the bong i made is awesome.
    it looks like a a piece of shit but you get some killer ass hits.
    im hungry but im still sick and dont feel like eatin.gah.

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