Any one know of good budget ash catchers to check out?

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  1. I'm thinking about getting one and would like the best bang for my buck. The ones from ioffer with the 11 arm tree looked pretty nice. and they're also available on amazon too so if I have to order one I figured I'd get it from there if necessary. But I've not looked around my local shops yet either.

    I just kinda wanted to see what some people that actually know what they're talking about have to say since I've only just purchased my first bong really recently.

    What I think I know is that trees are a little harder to clean and more fragile if not reinforced compared to shower heads. And part of what I'm trying to find out is what to look for once I know what I want.

    Some of the questions i have are things like can a piece have too many holes? Too many bubbles? What shapes work well (shower head, honey comb, tree, coil, ect.)? What brands are good for the money? Should I worry about my downstem not being able to hold up with the weight? (I have a 3.5 in long one. Not too sure of how thick)

    The only things I know I want are glass on glass, a 45 degree attachment, some sort of perc, and my price range is pretty much anything up to $40, $45 tops.

    Thanks for anyone that can help guide me in the right direction on this!
  2. Cheap ashcatchers suck. The water almost always splashes into the bong itself and still gets dirty. They help make the hit smoother but its not worth the hassle IMO. They can also make your bong front-heavy so it will tip over more easily.

    Good ash catchers are pretty much the price of a tube so unless you want to drop $100+ on a good one I would avoid them. If you really want a smoother hit and a cleaner bong look into carbon filters

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  3. Oh ok. Ill look into them. Thanks. I think I know what you're talkin about. Are those the ones that just look kinda like a regular bowl piece but with the little black chips under it?

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