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any one know if?...quick Q

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mxtoker, May 16, 2006.

  1. is the strain warlock anygood my hook up is charging 60 $ an 1/8 thanks
  2. 2 threads tell me it was a accident
  3. absoluetly right sir thanks for bringing it to me attn :) and i pick it up and its bomb shit its up there with romulen, trainwarck. its so crlestly but it looks grey idk y ill try to get pics asap but cam is broke :(. thanks for all the replies :rolleyes:
  4. omg im high as fuck and i was watching vanhelsing and low and behold frakenstain's monster runs into an windmall and knocks over a create of absinthe and breaks all those tastey motherfuckers! its in the begaing if any of u want to see it and have the movie and it helps if u pause because it has a nice detilled close up of the bottles. omg this has nothing to do with the thread, sorry like i said im high as fuck.

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