Any one in Ga

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  1. look for some one to keep up with and help me and hopefully i can help also u this is my first grow so look out plz:D
  2. I'm in north FL, which might as well be south Georgia. Not far from Thomasville. How's the grow going?
  3. Warning, this may be a trap. Now somebody link our venerated Admiral.
  4. Also in GA! Smack dab in the middle of GA!
  5. South Georgia here. Waitin' on the rain.
  6. You in tallahassee, man? I'm in Thomasville and it's dry as shit around here.
  7. yeah man I'm in tallahassee but I dont have much of a local I go up to Thomasville alot so we could meet if you want
  8. Yeah dude, for sure. I'm always down to meet another local toker.
    And the bud I've always gotten comes from tallahassee, through a friend, but I'm trying to meet a connect myself. I want to cut out the middle man. Haha
  9. hi i'm in athens
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  11. ya'll boys far it's good up here in the A-town and it;s light green feel sorry hit me up if ya'll up this way

  12. I'm In Austell
  13. HIGH All, Just a Reminder about The Rules!!

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