any one here sculpt?

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  1. well, i havnt done any in a long time. in at class i was rather good at clay sculpting, the teacher thought i was a really good student n that. our final art exam for th term was to do a sculpture of clay, i did an ass body/head with legs and a ballsack chin (the judge from 'the wall) and yeah...bitch kicked me out of art classes

    anyone have any funny art class storys? (like making bongs or anything funny ahashahahgdsghdfughdfnjdf)
  2. i wish i was artistic enough to do something like that. i can hardly draw a stick figure. :l
  3. I've carved elephants and some other unrecognizable shit out of soap. I used the big, rectangular box type of some brand - Ivory, I think.

    Soap makes a great medium for playing with carving. No special tools and all that. And no, my elephants didn't really look like elephants - more like cock roaches. But it was fun. It's really fun when you're high. You can easily see in your mind what has to be done. Then ya just proceed to do it. Yep - it still comes out looking like a pile of dog shit but big fucking deal.
  4. i've done some decent wood carving that some might consider sculpting with a dremel, but i don't do it that often
  5. Have you ever anti-carved?

    That's when you take a pile of wood splinters and and glue them together to make a stick.
  6. I'm usually bad at sculpting but I once sculpted a realistic hand out of clay, that was pretty cool.

    I'm a big fan of found object art :D
  7. that sounds kinda cool, might try that out someday
  8. I took sculpture class last semester and won "Excellency in Sculpture" award for the school. The class was awesome and so was the teacher, he was an AMAZING artist and a Nam war Vet. He told some really cool stories and he's in a Beatles cover band with other teachers in the school, he's a talented and cool guy. He's writing my letter of rec for colleges too! :D

  9. I'd actually call that additive sculpture...
  10. I bought some self drying molding clay to make a pipe out of, Im gonna roll the clay around a glass tube so the smoke has a glass path and idk what I'm gonna do about the bowl, if there isn't any risk of harm burning the hardened clay I'll leave it but other wise I'll probably make a bowl out of glass

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